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    Hello there,

    just for full transparency for anyone who experiences the same issues that were listed here.

    The axis computer was looked at further by an external team which determined that a proprietary CPU on the axis computer was faulty resulting in a full replacement of the computer to resolve the issue

    Hi there,

    we've reconnected and also tried replacing the ethernet cable which was connected to the "X2 Computer module link" and it hasn't made a difference to the error that appears upon boot.

    The LED inside the small hole isn't tuned on

    I've taken a looking inside and the IRC5 has the metal cover.

    I've looked attempted to go through some of the suggested resolutions but I unfortunately have limited knowledge on the internals on the IRC5.

    I know the robot passed a service check after arriving to us but has since stood dormant for some time. I believe that their is either a faulty connection or interference. However, i'm unsure what wires/ connections I should check

    I wasn't able to link the necessary photos, here is what the error message said:

    "Axis computer not found


    The axis computer in drive module 1 is not connected to the main computer.


    The system goes to status SYS FAIL. No operation will be possible until the fault has been corrected.

    Probable causes

    This may be due to a cable break, badly nected connectors or loss of power supply.


    1) Make sure the main power switch on Drive Module 1 has been switched ON 2) Make sure the cable between Control Module and Drive Module is not damaged

    and that both connectors are correctly connected. 3) Make sure the cable is connected to the correct AXC connector on the Main

    Computer Unit Robot Communication Card or EtherNet Board (if the MultiMove option has been installed).

    4) Restart the system.

    5) Make sure the Power Supply Unit in Drive Module 1 is working correctly."

    Hi there!

    We've recently turned on a newly acquired ABB irc5 robot and was great with error message 39522. I'm unable to look inside the main cabinet to supply any additional photos by I've supplied images of the error message on the flex pendant. Any advice on how to resolve this issue would greatly be appreciated :)