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    I had the wrong diagram. Range is even more limited for the M20iD/35M. I think you are running in the "no go" area.

    I think your only solution is a mechanical change. It you need that reach, you may need to add in an angle plate to get that area of the envelope back.

    Thanks for your input, and not really what I wanted to hear. :astonished_face:

    You obviously have more knowledge on this topic than I, but for obvious reasons, I have to explore all my options. What I find puzzling is the fact that I can jog the robot in this position if I SHIFT/RESET and confirm overriding Collision Detect with no issues. The other thing is that setting Collision Detect to 1% makes no difference from 100% or 200%. I have to rule out anything else may be wrong in my configuration.

    By "add in an angle plate", are you saying I need to turn the base of the robot 90 degrees so that X is along the rail direction? Or mount it upside down (ceiling mount)? This is a very large structure, so any changes mechanically would be a huge undertaking.

    I have a M20iD/35 mounted on a Rail (wall mount) 100ft long. There is little space between the rail and the working zone, so I have to extend the arm along the Y-Axis to reach down into the working cell. However, when I get close to this extended position (see image Robot_Position_Error_Status), I start getting "Servo-050 Collision Detect Alarm (G:1 A:1)", and the robot stops abruptly. I've tried turning off "Collision Guard Status" off, but doesn't seem to make a difference. The only way I can continue to move is to constantly press the RESET while holding down SHIFT.

    I know it can be turned off in a TP program, but that doesn't help me when jogging to teach in points.

    This seems to be an oversight on Fanuc's part because on a wall mount configuration, J1 constantly experiences a high load due to the gravity affect on all the axes (see image Torque_Reading), whereas on a traditional floor mount, J1 would only experience high load from inertia. In the working zone (see photo Robot_Position_Working), I don't get these errors because the arm is close to the 6 o'clock position (relative to wall mount).

    Does anyone know how to permanently disable the Collision Guard feature, or what I can do to get around this issue?…Q_idwsnr/view?usp=sharing (Collision_Guard_Status)…xsTlZyyB/view?usp=sharing (Robot_Position_Error_Status)…lfPxAKaF/view?usp=sharing (Torque_Reading)…MaieFTuE/view?usp=sharing (Robot_Position_Working)

    I hate the fact that on the Fanuc TP, MOVE-TO is right next to RECORD, so I've done this before, where I recorded over a good PR when I actually wanted to do a MOVE-TO. Is there no way to have it ask for Confirmation on a RECORD? They both require a SHIFT, so that doesn't help.

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