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    Thx for the reply.
    So it is possible to use analog inputs for this. Then why should I bother to config group inputs, if I can just use virtual analog inputs for this?
    Is it because the max value is limited?

    If I have a PLC-Profibus-Robot setup. And I want to control the override with the plc.
    Then I can do this with a group input, make a register equal and override = Register. Is this also possible with an analog input?
    If yes, then why or in what situation is it better to use a group input?

    Is your track a SubGroup or another Group. When it is another Group, you have to define Userframes for this group, and define this in your program.
    For example: UFRAME_NUM[GP1] = 3 or UFRAME_NUM[GP1,3] = 2

    When it's a subgroup, I don't think you'll be able to this.

    If your program is teached the correct way. All your point should be teached from a UserFrame. Just rotate the UserFrame 45° and all your points teached from that user frame will follow. This is the reason you should use UserFrames.

    Behind the cover there is no grease, otherwise the cable would constantly be in grease. And your cable inlet would leak some I guess.
    If you take of the cover you'll see if the limit is 200 or 360. I think it's 200.

    I know there are a couple of variables to set the override.
    When you cold start, change coordinates, tp enable, ...

    I can't find a variable, to change override to 100% when I put the robot in AUTO mode.
    I know some work arounds, but I'm looking for a variable.


    There is no grease behind the cover, only the rolled up cable.
    Check if the cable fix behind the cover is bend. If it's bend, you have put to much torsion on the cables.

    Mhmmm every motor is different from another, also if is the same model, when you receive a new motor from fanuc you should receive also the new data to insert in the robot to manage the motor as well.

    I have changed a lot of motors on Fanuc robots, and never had to read in other parameters. All servo parameters are connected to the type of robot, as chipprogr said. If correct software is loaded, correct servo param are loaded. I'm thinking a hardware faillure, not software....

    If I'm understanding correctly, you need to set your T1 override limit back to 5%...
    This is set in the variable $MSKRUNOVLIM. This must be 5, to set the limit to 5%.
    Only possible to change this one in controlled start, or write the variable from TP program.

    Don't expand the axis limit for J4. You'll brake the cables!!!! Also if you ever have to master the robot. Take off the black cover from J4, to see the torsion on the cables. Lots of people master the robot at 360° instead of 0°. One cycle start and the cables are gone.
    My advise: decrease the limits, never increase the limits.

    Because you already changed the motor, I'm thinking internal cables of the robot.
    Try and switch cables from J3 with J2 and see if the noise is on J2.
    Or measure the resistance in the cable.

    When you replaced the motor, how was the grease looking? Black or brown/yellow?

    On R-J:


    Name: Serial Pulse Coder Reset
    Description: If the software detects that the serial pulse coder has changed
    more than the tolerance during the cycle power, an alarm will be posted. The
    system variable $MCR.$spc_reset allows you to reset the pulse code mismatch
    Power Up: Changes to this variable take effect immediately.

    I agree with Nation. Knowing some of these variables can make our life so much easier.
    For instance, on a thread I found: $MCR_GRP[1].$servo_disbl[9]. This one saved me already a lot of hours troubleshooting.
    I think everybody should post usefull variables so we can list them.

    A small question about the fanuc paint controllers.
    They all have a battery box assembly inside, which is the standard 4 batteries holder + 1 extra battery holder.
    What's the use of this extra 1 battery holder?

    Kind regards

    There is an option called TP DRAM (R709). This allows you to run programs from external memory cards.
    I never used it and don't find extra info on google, so for more details you better contact your local Fanuc sub.

    When I try to take an all of above on R-J2 controller with RS232 and Kfloppy, I get a directory error.
    When I take System files, programs and applications seperately, no problem.

    Am I the only one having this problem? Is there a solution?