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    I have a mctl-003 alarm that won’t clear. I cannot master the robot, as this alarm stops the Robot from jogging. I have reset the PCA, power cycled, shift reset. I checked the ST and it is 0 in all axis, so I’ll need to re-master. Has anyone else had this issue? We have a brand new TP cable and replaced all the batteries as it had a Shri-062 on all axis. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you. Yes we are about to reset the TCP on a certified part.

    The manual drawing is what I based my assumption on, only there were 2 dowel holes 180 degrees apart.

    Thank you for your responses.

    Hi there. I have a customer that has an old R-20iBe Arc Mate. He has 3 teach pendants, 2 have broken switches that I have ordered new ones for. The Pendant that currently works has 4 micro switches on the Deadman handles, while the other 2 have only 2 micro switches A05B-2301-C301 and A05B-2301-C330. I keep getting the SRVO-231 Channel 2 (0v) abnormal faults on both Pendants. The C330 Pendant is almost brand new and was purchased online recently. My question is; Is there different jumper settings to make these 2 pendants work? Apparently the C301 was the original Pendant that came with this controller. The Controller has an A20B-1008-0580/01A EStop board in it. Does anyone have the jumper settings for this board, from Dual Channel to Single Channel safety circuit?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a Fanuc 120iBe Arc Mate with a torch, that cuts circles in pipe. An operator turned the power off, we replaced batteries, zeroed out all axis, but J6 only had mark on the wrist. We zeroed out the J6 by lining up the dowel pin at the bottom 180 degrees and the dowel hole at the top 0 degrees, with the screw holes 45, 135, 225 and 315 degrees respectively. The torch now runs through the program, just a little off linear and vertically. My question is does anyone know where true zero position is on the outer part of the J6 wrist? Thank you in advance for any replies.