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    Yeah. Make the jumper harness with the part numbers in my first post. Blue and black wires go to pin 1 (RDO1) and pin 3 (0v) doesn't matter which goes to which. Connect it to the solenoid and the EE (end effector) connector by J3/Wire feeder.

    Lincoln sells the EE connector and wire if you need to source them.

    I just went through the installation on a 120iC and an R30iA. I am not 100% sure that they are the same, but this is what I had to do.

    I purchased the mount with brake and jump liner from Tregaskiss.

    I purchased 1/8" nylon tubing, 1/4" nylon tubing, 1/8" to 1/4" push to connect adapters, 1/4" tube size 1/8 universal thread (NPT, NPS, BSPP, BSPT) push to connect fittings from McMaster, Allen Bradley 3 Pin Pico Straight connector P/N 889P-F3AB-5, Festo Brake Solenoid P/N VUVG-LK14-M52-AT-G18-1R8L-S, Fujikura part number JMSP1305M (Harness Adapter)

    Install all this with an air regulator to regulate pressure b/w 40-60 PSI.

    Use RO1 to enable or disable the solenoid and engage or disengage the brake.

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