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    You will need to buy the LaserTech, and they KUKA will give you the KOP, that will have everything that you need.

    If you have a myKuka account you should be able to read the laserTech documentation.

    I have worked with Kistler servo presses, those will be way more expensive than that.

    And I have worked with EWELLIX solutions, with external load cells, this one might be cheaper. But dont know how cheap you want it to be...

    If you want real cheap, just grab some ball screws from eBay, add a servomotor from aliexpress and some load cells and off you go.

    Or get an arbor press and couple a servo to the drive handle.

    You have a connector that says Front Panel/MCP/E-STOP, you need to look up on the manual what pins are used for the E-STOP circuit.

    Get a Schneider ESTOP mushroom with 2 NC contacts:

    Harmony XB4 | Schneider Electric Global
    Schneider Electric Global. Browse our products and documents for Harmony XB4 - Ø 22 mm modular metal pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights

    So you have a button to press if things go wrong..

    Are you expecting to connect the camera to that X-Y axis "robot" and it will magically get position coordinates and just work?...

    I'm not sure you can even do a camera calibration to get a pixel to mm values, and keep in mind those will only be valid at a fix Z distance between the camera and the object..

    Then you will need to do feature extraction, isolate each feature, get centroids of each feature, then pass all those values to the robot, and convert them from camera coordinates to robot coordinates, and finally it will move, and overshoot the expected position by a couple mm at the first try, then you will pull your air out and calibrate everything 20 times till it works more or less okay-ish..

    Assuming you can even do all that with the Insight camera, they are pretty limited (as is expected since its a smart camera)..

    I have done what you want, with 18-20Mpx cameras, 2000$ optics, MVTec Halcon and a beefy computer running all the code..

    There are turn key solutions for that, but expect price tags in the 50k€ and up..

    The one I used was moving around 200mg of tool (thread gage plus a flex coupler).

    The SMAC was programmed in a specific language(almost on the assembly level), most of the code could be generated with a new at the time tool from them, but it had its learning curve.

    It was sized for our application, you choose from a couple models, if the range of motion and payload fits then using a larger one wont gain you anything.

    I have used the SMAC-MCA voice coil actuator to test threads with a gauge, those seem to be copies of the SMAC ones (even the name, SMAC has a LAR model, those are VLAR..).

    The difference in the encoders should be on the resolution, compare the spec sheets for each.

    The CPU on the KRC controllers is very low end celeron, the one I'm working right now is a dual core 2Ghz Celeron with 4GB of RAM, its very easy to overwhelm such a system.

    No idea if its possible to upgrade the CPU(its socketed, but no idea how KSS will react to that), but going to any 4 core CPU might fix all your issues.