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    Update: I have fixed problem by removing device from PROFINET IO since it is slave only. My brain had a lag probably during commissioning, because its obvious. And also another note, PROFINET KLI is on port 5 for KR C5.


    I have a problem while configuring profinet interface inside WV. With kuka krc5 controller came package KUKA.PROFINET S (NOT MS). I have copied .kop files into WV from controller \D drive and set as active for current project. Then I have connected to the controller and tried to implement profinet interface into bus, but when I select latest krc5, profinet 6.0 version and add to profinet, option package changes from PROFINET.S to PROFINET.MS and I cannot download to controllet because of it.

    Please check attached links for pictures.

    before adding

    after adding

    downloaded gsdml

    Windows version: 10 IoT V5.1.0 build 10, 2021-07-20

    Version: KSS8.7.5

    Robot KR 6 R500 Z200

    WorkVisual: 6.0.26

    Please help.

    If some information is still missing please let me know.

    Update: I managed to do it... if anyone will struggle with it. nothing additionally is needed.

    I had to link base to the external axis, couldn't find it before. (its in base define menu, you have to select the surface yourself, there is no checkmark)


    I'm fresh in Kuka systems, in general robot programing. I did programing 1 certification and did some small tasks in robot world, but never used any external axis. Now I'm working on virtual model using KUKA.sim. Application is simple Kuka robot with 2 external axis (welding application). I'm trying to achieve sync movement of robot TCP with external axis rotation, but I have no idea if is possible to do such stuff in kuka.sim or I have to do it on robot directly. I don't have atm OfficeLite, just KUKA.sim.

    I know how to teach positons and run everything, but I dont know how to make sync. movement of the positioners base.

    Next question is, do I need some special option packages to rotate axis sync for this purpose?

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.