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    Sounds like you’re describing two different issues .

    One being : you attempted to cycle a program 3 times but it stops at 2

    I would check the registers and their counts

    The if statements

    Problem two: you can’t reach a point when using world and you can in joint ?

    In joint movement . You’ll notice you move one joint at a time

    And in world you’ll notice the joints all move together maintaining a certain posture . I believe you’re likely reaching the limits of a particular joint when moving in world mode which limits its movement when a particular joint of the robot hits its limits .

    I’m new to fanuc I’d this question didn’t make that obvious enough .

    On OTC robots. I can program and stop with variables .. meaning it will stop the robot at a position after “x” amount of cycles ..

    On my fanuc I’ve programmed at stop . But it’s every cycle . which is too often . Can someone help and point me in the right direction ? I’ve been searching and can’t find it