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    Hi all,

    I am looking to design a system capable of being delivered different products to a common location where they will be scanned to confirm what product it is. The PLC will then tell the robot what product it is collecting where the robot will then pickup the box and place it on the correct pallet (potentially up to 5 pallets to chose from). I am planning to use a 7th axis linear rail to allow the robot to reach across all of the pallets and the input dock, currently looking at a robot like the FANUC m710iC or the KUKA IONTEC.

    My question is, what is the best way to program such a program is it possible to simply tell the robot what product it is holding and then it will know where it's up to on that particular pallet. Or will I need to create an individual program for each case (ie product 5 and it's the 17th box on it's pallet)?

    Also would this present issues if another week different products were being made so for example on week 1 product 3 was the third pallet but when the system was turned on for week 2 it was the 2nd pallet?

    I have not yet decided on a particular software to use but am leaning towards roboguide from FANUC if using a FANUC robot.

    Any help appreciated, Happy to answer any more questions.

    Thanks :)