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    Thank you,

    Sorry I missed this before replying,,

    "Press and hold the forward key doesn't seem to work, I had to drive axis to 0 positions."

    Edit, helps if if you check movement speed before saying forward key doesn't work ^^^^^ :kissing_face:

    So I have the Robot in 2nd home position, all axis are at 0, and all markers as far as I can tell are all lined up, the wrist T axis doesn't have the same markers as the rest of the machine, the only thing I can see is two punch marks that do kind of line up. The torch is still twisted about 10 degrees out of square, could this be that something has twisted inside the torch mount? Is it also possible that something on the motor could have moved? I guess without being 100% sure that the 0 markings are correct there is no way telling.

    Hi me again, Sorry!!

    I was looking for a program to drive the robot to 2nd home position I have now realised there probably isn't one so I have driven the axis to their 0 positions. I cant see any marking on the T axis (wrist) apart from two small punch marks. These don't quite line up and even if they did the torch wouldn't be at the correct angle. Is there any other way of doing this with the markings to line it up? Could a belt or something slipped during the collision?

    Hi, Could someone talk me through the procedure for check 2nd home position or point me to the correct manual. DX100 Mig Welding

    Our operator recently left us, unfortunately he was the only one that has used the robot for the last 5 or 6 years. Before he went he crashed the robot into a large clamp, that bent the torch neck. It was a sideways glance on the wrist T axis. We have now replaced the bent torch neck but on start up we get Alarm 4107, I think the T joint moved whilst power was of when replacing the neck also. How do I check/reset 2nd home position? We also have "Check position [R1] message at the bottom.

    Any help gratefully received, we will be getting someone new trained on the robot asap but for now I just want to confirm if any other damage was done to the robot when the collision happened.



    Hi, we have recently started doing longer weld runs on our Motorman robot and are having trouble with the shroud getting to hot, it's melting the orings on the defuser. Just wondering if there is anything we can do to try and keep the torch cooler?

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