Posts by Adrian Fitzroy

    Hi everyone, I have a question, whenever I am pressing shift, if I want to increase the speed of the robot it jumps from 5% to 50% instantly, is there any way to change this, like for example, instead of going from 5 to 50, to be, 5, 10, 15, you know, small increments? Thanks in advance.

    Hi there, just have a question, I have a cell which is not completely finished, so whenever I try to move a robot, it shows DCS Emergency stop, is there any way I can bypass those signals so I can be able to move the robot and continue working? I tried setting cip safety to bypass but it still shows the DCS Message

    Hi, hope anyone can help me, I was doing the offline for one robot we have here on site, everything good until I get to the point where I have to load the DCS, when trying to apply shows a message saying that there are too many zones or models. I know that there is a max time amount of 1000 that can not be exceeded, but for some reason on my simulation that time shows at 845, but when I load it to the robot it shows a different number, 1244. I tried reducing the areas but still that number does not decrease.

    Hi, I have been dealing with a Fanuc robot R-30iB Plus that started to blow the fuse that goes to the teach pendant dead man. It was working at the beginning, but suddenly started to blow that fuse, we tried replacing the pendant with one that was already working and all pointed out that the dead man of the teach pendant could be damaged, because as soon as we connected the other teach pendant it worked again. But now it was showing error "srvo 375 mode 12 status abnormal". We put some jumpers to discard board damage. The only thing left was check the wiring, we have not finished with that but it looks good so far. I have no idea what else can be done, if anyone has second thoughts that can help resolve this issue.

    Also I want to add that at the beginning I did some configuration with the Safety I/O(SSO,CSO) and honestly I do not know if that may cause the error.

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