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    Thanks friends.

    I managed to find the fault, if it was the power supply, the strange thing is that it does not mark any fault. It seems that the 5V continuous power component to the CPU becomes alternating or noisy.

    I have a fanunc S-420iW power supply code A16B-1212-0871/13C and it works with that.

    The original source is A16B-1212-0871/12C

    My question now is, will it not have long-term failures? Are the fonts compatible?

    In the RJ-2 maintenance manual that I have, only the codes up to A16B-1212-0871 appear.

    If you can leave me with that peace of mind that I am placing this other power supply unit correctly, the /13C?

    Thanks for your time

    Hello partners

    I will tell you about an experience I had with a Fanunc RJ-2 S-420I. As the title describes, he had many unexpected behaviors and they were not repeated. The failures always alternated. The Main CPU changed faults, sometimes the robot turned on without problems, then the teach pandat hung up, we changed the teach pandat, cable, it did not let it enter Boot Mode, sometimes it did but the teach froze, etc etc.

    In short, the power unit did not indicate errors. But it seems that some defective capacitor or component generated bad supply voltage for the CPU and caused these unexpected behaviors.

    We changed the power unit and I manage to run everything correctly.

    Later we will measure the failing power supply, with an oscilloscope, and try to change some basic electronic components, if we find the specific failure of the component, we will follow the thread.

    Regards, good luck in your work and hugs

    :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:


    Hola compañeros

    Les comento una experiencia que tuve con un Fanunc RJ-2 S-420I. Como describe el titulo, tubo muchos comportamientos inesperados y no se repetían. Siempre alternaban las fallas. La Main CPU cambiaba de fallas, a veces prendía el robot sin problemas, luego se colgaba el teach pandat, cambiamos teach pandat, cable , no dejaba entrar en Boot Mode, a veces si pero se congelaba el teach, etc etc.

    En fin, la unidad de potencia, no indicaba errores. Pero parece que algún capacitor o componente defectuoso, generaba mala tensión de alimentación para la CPU y hacia estos comportamientos inesperados.

    Cambiamos la unidad de potencia y logro andar todo correctamente.

    Mas adelante mediremos la fuente de alimentación que falla, con un osciloscopio, e intentaremos cambiar algunos componentes básicos electrónicos, si encontramos la falla en especifico del componente, seguiremos el hilo.

    Suerte y abrazos

    Hello colleague.

    I have an s420 iF for educational purposes. And the same problem has arisen, I cannot enter the Boot Monitor.

    Check the TP cable, it is OK. The strange thing is that sometimes, it allows me to enter BootMonitor but after 10 seconds, the TP is stuck and does not respond.

    In the manuals I have, I can't find a troubleshooting guide directly associated with this problem.

    In my case, the LIGHTS that the CPU turns on are 4 green and 3 red. Sometimes it changes to the 2 red ones on the left side.

    It is a fault that I cannot identify because it usually changes states, it drives me crazy. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    It is very similar to the fault that they have here.

    Could they fix it?

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