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    The idea is to measure continuously while the microphone moves along a planned route within the 2D plane. Humans would be around and ideally, it should stop if it runs into any resistance. It doesn't need to carry much load/weight (just the microphone and cable) and it requires little force.

    More speed typically means more noise - so I'm not picky about speed. Precision - well anything within .1mm should be good enough. The initial use would be indoors. If things work out, it could be nice to take it somewhere even outdoors - but I suspect portability introduces a whole new set of complexities.

    I took TygerDawg recommendation and looked up the Cartesian style robot. I think this would work best. ZX robot is what I envision with linear motors. A vertical arm (index up or down) with a X arm to move in and out. Then there is the software to run it (hopefully something simple?)

    I just don't know where to find something like this that is cost affordable.

    Newbie here and a bit overwhelmed with cost and options.

    I'm looking for a simple robotic system that can run a microphone through a 2D plane. It's a microphone so we need minimal noise and vibration. The surface area to scan is approximately 3-4' x 3-4'. I want the ability to define the scan size and the scan rate for both x, y axis (the number of passes or the interval, gap). eg.g 20"x20" with 20 passes for each axis or 20"x20" with 1" gap (resolution).... ? ....(I'm trying to translate the idea as I have no idea of the correct terminology at this point)

    I'm thinking there are several types of robots that could perform this from a simple x,y system (plotter-like) to a multi-axis arm. I'm looking for something lower in cost to try some ideas. Does anyone know of a system that could do this? Do I have to build? Is there someone who can help? Software complexity?

    Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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