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    Hey everybody,

    I had a quick question regarding mastering/calibrating the robot; I’ve followed this guide step-by-step to master and calibrate a refurbished fanuc. I’ve done the mastering process multiple times but when I make a test program with a few dummy points, I get the motn-049 error; I’ve searched through different threads to try and find an answer but that hasn’t really helped.

    I work in the laser processing field, im green when it comes to robotics so my apologies for all the dumb questions.

    Hey guys,

    So I’m trying to get a refurbished robot operational, I’m having trouble with getting passed with setting up because it’s throwing errors due to the fact it’s using SpotTool software but is no longer used for spot welding. The errors I’m getting are SRVO-006 l, SRVO-401, and SYST-043; I’m not sure what’s going on with the last one , the teach pendant is on and the controller is in teach but I’m still getting that.

    I should mention, I factory reset the robot because I was getting a bunch of communication related errors; so after I cycled power I was the INIT option. Is there a way I’m able to just delete the 2nd group? We’re installing a 3D laser cutting head on it so the second group isn’t needed.

    My apologies, I was off from work the last few days of last week and forgot to check back to this thread.

    When I backup the DIOCVGSV.IO variable, will that automatically sync to my Trumpf Trudisk laser? Or do I have to go through and set the communication up for that robot still? My apologies if that’s a dumb question, I’m newer to this field.

    How’s everybody doing?

    I had a question I’m really hoping you guys can help me figure out; I’m a robotic laser processing engineer and need help figuring how to transfer Devicenet data from one robot to another. We’re using a Trumpf Trudisk laser with no PLC; when I set this robot up, I had to manually enter the names of all the I/O and everything— since I’m communicating with the same laser, can I just copy over all the I/O and the names so that doesn’t have to all be manually entered?

    Any answer is greatly appreciated, I hope this question finds you guys well and in good health.