Hi Everyone,

    I am a newbie to robotics, but have 15 years experience in the stone sculpting trade. I have a Kuka KR120 2700 and I purchased a license of RoboDK. I would really appreciate tips on how to setup the start position of my milling project.

    How do I set Robot start point? I ran a simple joint movement program today and my robot wanted to turn almost 180'

    Mike Rhodes

    Any help would be priceless for me!


    Hello Engineers,

    Has anyone has issues with response from RoboDK's team? I have contacted them multiple time's for the past few weeks with zero support at all.

    I am very disappointed with their help after purchasing their software. Even their secretary Danielle seems disgruntled with the lack of their engineers communication.

    Mike Rhodes

    Thank you so much SkyeFire! Amazing encouragement from you on this subject. I also program 5 axis stone center from GMM made in Italy. You are absolutely correct in terms of the CNC rigidity. The gantry for the CNC machine itself is made of cast iron and weighs about 10000 lbs and driven by HA servos.

    Thank you again for the wise words. I will keep you posted on my progress.


    Hi Everyone,

    New here and thank you for having me!

    Does anybody have and tips and tricks with this robot for milling?

    I have a Yaskawa driver coupled with this robot and a VEM 20hp spindle and PLC control of water and compressed air.

    Material is stone (sandstone/granite)


    I can post pictures of my rig later this week.


    Right now I am in the middle between RoboDK and Robotmaster for our Kuka KR-120 2700 KRC4 Extra HA for Milling stone. It is a very difficult choice. The RoboDK seem like a very passionate group of programmers that provide VERY in depth reading material and Videos from Jeremy. Robotmaster is almost completely locked down in terms of trial (though a reseller has offered us a 30 day monitored experience). Robotmaster is VERY expensive and has on-site training, but I like the fact I can go home and watch Jer's tutorials, which are amazing by the way. I get a VERY corporate feeling from the Robotmaster sales people. Not really a good one, but the features seem impressive.


    Change my mind. I need multi axis milling using a 7th axis table for milling sculptures and 3 axis for lettering. I have all of the tooling, just need the OLS program.

    I am using Mastercam 2022 Mill with the Multi-Axis add on package. We are leasing it for now.

    Mike Rhodes