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    Maybe at the instantly acceleration of manipulator the three phases of current in electrical panel, pull biggest current (Ampere) from the specification of UPS (UPS manual says the max Amperes in three phases that can play). Biggest current than UPS specification in one of three phases will damage the UPS and the batteries in it.

    Will be a future problem if the Yasakawa robot works 24hours/week in high speeds (MOVJ 100 and MOVL 1600) without stop? Υou know if there should be any down time?

    Also another question if you can answer me: If a Yaskawa robot work in high speeds and there is a power outage, the servo brakes will be activate and as a result the manipulator will stop instantly. Would you put a UPS before electrical panel to protect the manipulator from the instantly power outage?

    Thank you!!! :)

    Hello to everyone!!!!

    In a robot manipulator of Yaskawa if we put in all moves at high (MOVJ 100 and MOVL 1600), what are the problems that could appear on manipulator and electrical panel ??

    There is a possibility of burning the electrical panel for example?

    Thank you.