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    Hi All,

    I am looking to make connections and collaborate with fellow educators using the certification cart in their educational programs. I just started our program in August and would like to share curriculum, labs, lab activities, student project ideas, and CAD/CAM designs for fixtures, interactives, etc. I look forward to seeing what you have been doing with your carts. Thanks!


    That really doesn't sound right. KAREL programs are not safety rated. If the KAREL program were being used as an extra layer above and beyond the basic DCS safety, this might make sense.

    Well, using Yellow or not is a judgement call.

    What disturbs me is that, based on your description, the light curtain doesn't stop the robot unless the program being run is included in the KAREL list. That is exactly backwards -- the light curtains and DCS should be configured to stop the robot completely independent of what programs are running.

    So in your opinion, should I be contacting someone at FANUC to ask about this? In my mind, you are correct.

    So upon some more investigation, they have DCS Cart. Speed Check zero and a DCS Cart. Joint Check setup so that if any program tries to run in AUTO that is not listed in the KAREL program register the robot throws the DCS and it refuses to run. I am being told that FANUC no longer enables the middle YELLOW speed reduction on the cert cart, and it is simply GREEN for okay or RED for stop when someone intrudes into the light curtain. This came from our third party vendor, so I am going to call FANUC support now and see if they concur with what I am being told.

    Well I figured it out. So the certification cart laser barrier is set up so that when started, a KAREL program begins monitoring for programs being run in AUTO. If the program being run in AUTO is not listed in the KAREL program's register, no light current interrupt is initialized. So, when the students build projects and want them to run in AUTO with the full proximity safety active, I have to go in to the register for the KAREL program and add that program name so it will monitor it while running in AUTO. This seems like a really stupid way to do it in my opinion, but that it what the FANUC tech sent me. I will update on anything else I find out. Thanks gents.

    That's an collaborative robot.

    I have no experience with that kind of robots, but what they promise on their website, says that he can stop after a collision with humans, so it's not absolutely necessary to stop when a person comes nearer.

    May be You should read the manual.😉

    The ER-4iA is NOT a colab robot. It is basically a LR200 on a certification cart for schools.

    Hi all. I just received a new Cert Cart with the ER-4iA unit on it. It has a laser scanner underneath to interrupt and stop the robot if a student approaches it while in AUTO mode running a program. I have run into an issue whereas the demo programs from the factory run as they should and the robot stops if someone gets too close, but any new programs I create, fail to activate the safety zone. So any programs I create, continue to run at programmed speed, even if someone comes right up to the unit. This is a huge safety issue in a high school lab, and I need to figure it out ASAP. Any one have any ideas?