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    I have a background program running that makes sure I have suction and will stop the robot even if it loses signal for a a split second. I'm wondering how and if I can add like a 0.1 second timer to this line so RI [2] or [4] has to be off for longer than that to throw an alarm.

    If (DO[41]) and (!RI[2] OR !RI[4] AND !DO[40]) THEN




    I believe you are right. I talked to motoman support earlier today and they mentioned letting the robot run with exhaust port open for a little while after greasing. We had not done that, so hopefully that fixes it. Thank you

    Hello, we have a robot that is randomly getting max disturbance spikes of up to 300 and giving an alarm 4315 collision detection when it’s not hitting anything. After reset, it can go for a few minutes or a few hours before happening again. Fresh grease was put in it, but it didn’t help. High disturbances are being detected on U, R, B, and T axis with the highest being R and B. Hope to get some ideas of what it could be.

    ROBOT TYPE: MS165/MH180-A10