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    At my plant we have 8 R-30iB Mate Plus used to cut down the repetitive motion for the operators. the lines can run without the robots but with robots running the operators are expected to run 2 lines instend of just 1. what I believe is happening is operators shut down the robots once management leaves and then starts them back up in the morning or claims they just went down. my questions is, is there something I can use through the teach pendent to see time since last move? the operators have a homing key switch so normally the robot is home by the time I get there and faults are cleared (I thought about monitoring when it faulted but that doesn't prove when the robot was turned off). I looked at the system timers and maybe its me not fully understanding them but it didn't look like they were what I was looking for. as far as using the PLCs in the main machine the German company that makes the machine keeps the programing and we don't have the ability to add monitoring ourselves, we could pay to have something put in but if there is something I can do with the TP that would be the preferred method.

    if you need any additional information please let me know. thank you for any assistance.