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    Hi! We bought a KUKA KTL for KRC2, today we tested it with the tool and it only worked with our cable. The cable that came with it didn't work.

    Our cable is 4 pins and the one that came with the KTL is 7 pins as shown in the pictures below.

    Is there any particularity? Do you know why it didn't work with the 7 pin? There is and adapter wich we did used, but even then, it can't find the reference spot.

    Hello! I have a quick question, we recently had a problem with a soyo motherboard from a KUKA KRC2 EUROPE model (before ed05), we sent it to a company that managed to repair the motherboard, but now it only initializes by pressing down the powerboot. Do you people have idea of what can be wrong? Maybe they did a different configuration or something.

    Greetings folks, I'm new in KUKA robots and I'm having trouble with a Smartpad KSS 8.3.19 KRC4 Compact.

    One of ours Smartpads was with "the orange screen problem", it freezes in the KUKA orange logo when it turns on. I´ve read here previously that what causes that is the NAND FLASH memory. So we sent a working smartpad board to a supplier of ours so he can buy the NAND FLASH memory, copy it and tranfer to a new one. So he did that. Now the smartpad does not freezes in the orange screen but does not connect to the HMI, the message "Waiting for cyclic connection" is shown. I connected a external monitor and the messages from the attached pic appears. Do you people have idea of what could be wrong? With another smartpad the system works fine.