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    Okay that makes sense. So what am I sending for data on GI[1]? For instance if I'm wanting to run ML001 what do I send?

    Or do I change the data for each R[] in plcpart?


    !Wait for PLC ready to send data. ;

    WAIT DI[32]=ON;

    !Set total num of cycles to R[37] ;

    29: R[37:Total cycles]=GI[1] ; DO I NOW CHANGE DATA ON PLC FOR NEXT REG?(in this case it will be load number)

    30: !Echo tot num cycles back to PLC. ;

    31: GO[1]=R[37:Total cycles] ;

    32: !Signal PLC that data received. ;

    33: DO[32]=OFF ;

    34: !Wait for PLC acknowledgement. ;

    35: WAIT DI[32]=OFF

    36: ;

    37: !-------------------------------- ;

    38: !Initialize Loop Counter ;

    39: R[57:PLC Loop Counter]=0 ;

    40: !-------------------------------- ;

    41: LBL[10:Cycle Data Loop] ;

    42: !Reset Alt Infeed Counter ;

    43: R[26:Unit counter]=0 ;

    44: !Increment loop counter. ;

    45: !Exit if cycle > total cycles. ;

    46: R[57:PLC Loop Counter]=R[57:PLC Loop Counter]+1 ;

    47: IF R[57:PLC Loop Counter]>R[37:Total cycles],JMP LBL[100] ;

    48: ;

    49: !-------------------------------- ;

    50: !Ready to receive load number ;

    51: !0 = disabled, to 999 Max. ;

    52: DO[32]=ON ;

    53: !Wait for PLC ready to send data. ;

    54: WAIT DI[32]=ON ;

    55: !Set Load number to R[52] ;



    Hey all,

    I'm really struggling with figuring out how/what data to send to Robot from the PLC (what logic to use). I've gone through the manual for PalletTool a few times and cant seem to make sense of it.

    I'm using ComptLogix 5069-L310ER on Fanuc R30iB-Plus Controller.

    Do I send a MSG?

    Or do I just set the GI as a decimal value and update it after each handshake from robot in PLCPART.TP program?

    I'm really having a mental block on this one and its my first time using PalletPro. If someone could "hold my hand" through this I would really appreciate it!