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    A few things that comes to mind.

    1. Modifying points

    Have them moving an object from a to b. Move the object to a different location. Do this enough times and they'll get tired. Then show them how to use the shift function.

    2. Tooldata

    Make them move a object from a to b, then switch the tool to a similar but where the TCP coordinates aren't the same. Tell them that they are not allowed to modify the points.

    3. Workobject

    Use a table on wheels and have the robot move a part from a to b. Move the table. Also here they aren't allowed to modify any points.

    4. Optimization

    Create a slow and weird process and make them optimize the movements.

    BitSet and BitClear would seem to be the functions you want?

    I could use those, yes. But they make the code ugly imo :grinning_squinting_face:

    One thing that would be nice though would be if you could map a record to a GI. Imagine not having to modify the sysconfig every time you want to rename a signal.

    To be able to set a bit in a word simpler, in PLCs I usually use a word called nHandshake.

    nHandshake.%X1 := TRUE;

    Would make my mapping easier.

    Also that the damn pulse function would stop retaining the value if the robot is stopped during the time it's executing. I don't know how many times I've had to fix this error by adding the \high parameter to a pulse or just replacing it with set/reset instead.

    This is possible, but it requires some hacking. I made an rs add-in a few years back where I read/wrote directly to the memory used by PLC-sim.

    There is also the possibility to use OPC-UA or SIMIT nativly in rs.

    WaitUntil is the perfect function for this.

    WaitUntil sensor1 = 1 \Header:="Operation failed" \Message:="Operation failed" \VisualizeTime:=1\UIActiveSignal:=do_1;

    The robot will wait here until sensor1 = 1. If it waits more than 1 second the text "Operation failed" is shown to the operator and output do_1 is set. When sensor1 = 1 robot continues operation and resets do_1.

    Hello experts,

    I'm trying to setup automatic backups for the robots (YRC1000) in our facility with the FTP option. I've read through the manual RE-CTO-A221 chapter 9.3, but there is no mentioning of FTP even being an option.

    Settings in robot:

    IP : - My PC running FileZilla server

    Username : test

    Password : test

    Folder : rob1 - Subfolder on the server

    To test I opened the auto backup menu and set the robot to create a backup when mode is changed. It shows that a backup is being created, but no connection has been made to the server (checked in the admin interface for FZs). I get no error codes, and I am able to ping my PC.

    Does anyone here know what I am missing?


    I'm stupid, port 21 wasn't opened for incoming traffic on my PC.

    But the auto backup still isn't working, I've managed to use the SAVE function though...

    The bit #50767 = 1 (data backup transfer) for a while, but nothing happens server side.

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