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    Thanks HawkMe. I understood all points except this one. In line 44 of the main program I have ENDIF. I don't understand what do you mean - to address where it returns.

    You will need to address where it returns in the main program on line 44.

    Is it possible for you to check the rest of the code, in the working program Buxenmatrix, since the problems were actually there while testing? Or maybe these solutions that you gave me will do the job. Anyways, I cannot test any of these until Monday so I will let you know how it is going. Again, thanks.

    This is the one of the programs from line 31 to 72 in Buxematrix where i get the errors.

    And this is the program Buxeintraverse from where i call back the working program Buxeinmatrix on line 817, so they go back and forth. I cut several hundred lines of code to be able to post it.

    Ok, so here they are. They are very long, but i gave few explanations in between to get a better picture.

    Don't mind the names, I was trying PNS program start method for testing, that is why. This is the Main program, which is selected with OTHER start method. From there I call program number 1 (line 43)

    This is program no 1, here I call all subprograms, movements of the robot. For the moment the only active programs are from line 53, 3 programs.

    The working program Buxematrix on line 59 is where it all starts.

    Inside this program Buxematrix, I call subprograms (starting line 31 to 72) which do something and then go back to this program. That is where I get my error, in one of those programs, randomly after some time.

    In the end of previous program on line 120 i call another program (Buxeintraverse) from which when it ends calls back the program Buxematrix (Line 817). They go back and forth, until all conditions are satisfied, so in the end jump back to program number 1.

    Hello everyone,

    The situation is this:

    I have created a main program. In that program I call 2 different programs for different working areas (left and right).

    In those programs, there are sub -programs, makros and etc.

    While running the Main program in Manual T1/T2 (step mode) sometimes about 30 cycles or less, during running some subprograms, they skip out of Main program and it completely abort the Main, so the robot stays in the subprogram. When that happens it shows Error INTP-105 and MCTL-003 errors, but after i checked them in the Fanuc Alarm PDF - they don't say much. Only reset errors and continue. The only way to continue is after reset, to abort the subroutine and manually choose Main program, get back on the same place in the program and it continues like nothing happened without any errors.

    It looks like a buffer or Memory which cannot hold so many processes and needs to be reset. But this is not good for Automatic mode, obviously.

    Please, if you have knowledge of this, let me know.


    Thanks DS186. As you said, I have tried the steps about PNS from the manual, but didn't work for me, the program had to be selected manually still. Maybe its something I don't get for the moment.

    I chose one Main program which will be always selected, and from there I will call other programs, movements with Group I\O etc... For the moment that's the only solution it works.

    Thanks DS186. About choice of main programs, I understand you mean Main program number 1 is PNS0001, Number 2 is PNS0002 and so on... just does it mean that I must manually select the program from Select menu, so that PLC can Start it?

    That is how it worked for me only, the PLC couldnt choose the program (PNS0001 or PNS0002) if I havent selected it myself first in the select menu.

    Thanks for the reply Dudz. I understand what you tell me, so in my case for example I take PNS0001 as a Main. Inside I can execute different movements, call programs and so on, then I should send the PLC some finished job message, right?

    I will give you an example maybe to be more precise: I have worked with Kuka VKR and it has one so called Cell program which is by default always selected when I am in AUTO mode(External). Then the PLC gives different program numbers(depending on task) and robot executes it, then in the end sends back finished job signal and robot goes back to that Cell program. And I never have to turn to manual T1 mode to select the Main. Only of course, if some interruption happens.

    I don't know if I am clear, but it would be really helpful if this is possible on Fanuc also.

    Now it works, with taking the place of first 20 DI/DOs.

    I use PNS method to choose the program from an integer number that I receive from PLC, by combination of 8 bits, and that works fine.

    But in order to run the program I must have selected the program first and then PLC can start it.

    Is it possible to have like a Cell program or Main program which will consist of only home position for example, which I can select from the beginning. Then the robot can receive job numbers from the PLC without have to select manualy the program?

    I have tried, but only gives B-83284EN -1 named Alarm Code list Operators manual.

    The other thing I want to ask, i have in the profinet software from the menu I/O - Profinet(M) that I add safety I/O and DI/DO

    I have this:

    1. Safety 8 bytes (They connect with CSI/CSO DCS signals, automatically mapped they appeared )

    2. DO 32 Bytes ( Digital Outputs mapped on Rack 102 , slot 1, starting from 1 to 256 bit)

    3. DI 32 Bytes ( Same as for DO)

    And this is same from the PLC side and I can see them all working(blink on PLC/Robot side), but I don't have any more IOs for UOP.

    Should I add more signals DO/DI for the UOPs? The PLC project on PLC side require only those, as I understand.

    I don't know if I am clear, but logically it should correspond physically with the signals of the PLC for the interaction. Then if i add more DI/DO signals, PLC should add also more and add more logic ?

    It is Molex Dual Channel PROFINET, so its 102 rack. I dont have that manual for basic operation. If you can send me the code name for the manual that is on Fanuc Portal (Europe) perhaps i can find it and that would be great. Or if you know some other way of getting it. Thanks anyways.

    Thanks for the responses, HawkMe and DS186

    Yes, I want to start with PLC(all data goes through the PLC - the door, external E stop...)

    As I understand from the blog, at first I need to choose Production Start method (In my case UOP) and program select method (Other) from the Config menu, right?

    The thing that I don't understand is in order to work with UOPs I need to have them configured first with proper rack number, slot... so that will allow me to communicate with the PLC. The PLC already send/receive IOs digital and DCS safety signals. That's all that it sends/receive, at least thats what the PLC programmer says he needs. So I don't know what/how to connect/configure the UOPs to.

    If you have some pointers for this please let me know. Thanks

    Hello everyone,

    The Profinet configuration between R-30iB Plus and Siemens PLC is established. Digital I/O checked.

    DCS signals connected through Safe I/O Connect Function (CSO connected with SSI and SSO connected with CSI) for comunication with the PLC. Also run properly.

    Created a simple program for checking if robot stops when I open the door or press External E-stop ( All signals go through PLC (PLC is master)).

    In T1 robot stops, but I cannot run the program in AUTO. Shows Error Syst-011 - Failed to run task.

    I tried in config with LOCAL instead of Remote, but doesnt do anything.

    As I am new to FANUC, i dont know if i need to configure UOP signals ( I don't have any). I read few places that people use them for AUTO mode.

    I would be grateful if somebody can give any pointers/ideas.