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    I currently want to pulse output #13 which is 10024 in the ladder. The universal output for this is 30044. Currently in the ladder its just ties 10024 to 30044 but i want to keep output 13 on for 4 seconds when i pulse it in the program. Is there a way to do this??

    Basically right now i have the program fire the output, have a 4 second timer while the equipment closes, and then it moves on but every second matters in this particular process and I know there must be a way in the ladder to hold that output on for 4 seconds after it is pulsed.



    I have 2 buttons that I want to use to select different programs

    When button A is pushed IN#0001 (IG#00010) lights up, wen button B is pressed IN#0002 (IG#00011) lights up

    The input does not stay on when the button is released. How can I use these inputs as my program selection in my master program?

    Edit 1: I was able to get the input to change B020 to either 1 or 2 with

    DIN B020 IG#(1)

    The issue is i dont want to have to hold the button. Once pressed I want B020 to change and stay at any time, not just if the button is pressed when command DIN B020 IG#(1) comes by.