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    Hello, I needed your help.

    Krc2 v5.5

    I have a main program that calls several subprograms.

    How can I set a speed for the main program and different speeds for each subprograms.

    if I define the value in Bas.src does it change everything in all subprograms?.

    What I intended was, at the beginning of each subprogram, to define the speed of the robot for that subprogram. For example, is it possible to define $vel.cp=0.3 at the beginning of the program and it accepts it?.

    What's the best method? I can't do a lot of trial and error because the Robot is in production.


    Hi everyone, two questions

    where can I find examples of the most basic possible palletizing programs (Dual-Input-Dual-Output) for bags,

    Like the video, from the attached link (line A pallet A, Line B pallet B) .

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    As I still don't have training in Kuka programming, I needed to see which is the best and simplest strategy.

    Robot is old with krc2 and Kss 5.5.

    And the other is if using OrangeEdit is there any program to simulate the movements?. Currently I program in the robot console. .

    Thanks for all the help

    Hello everyone

    Do any of you have the internal electronic schematic of the KPS6000 module and the C13 esc board

    I wanted to send it to an electronics company to analyze but they are asking me for the internal electronic schematic of the boards

    More specifically:

    KPS600/20 - ESC (Art nº 00-134-525 Vers. 0 X 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)

    C13 Platine A1 Plate (Standard)


    hello everyone, can someone explain the relationship....... at ESC Diagnosis the local and external emergency stop are released (see pictures) and in message there are emergency stop alarm???

    is there another way to trigger the external emergency stop???? other than the input 24v in X11 plug

    Hello everyone

    we bought a robot that was working with peripherals that didn't come, now we're trying to get it working, we've already eliminated most of the errors, but we couldn't eliminate the Emergency stop, we think it doesn't come from the x11 plug but from programming.

    already tried the two X11 schemes without result...

    We already " suppress, with two ; ; " the peripherals FESTO and BOSCH from the file Yosys and devnet

    You can see the attached images, and files and indicate what we can do more.