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    Thanx for the response. I must be missing something. After I select the OK button shown in attachment, the screen is blank and when I go to tap the bottom LH portion of blank screen for Start Button to appear as Robo Doc mentions, I am getting nothing. I hear the beeping of pendant recognizing me touching the screen but nothing more.

    Does anyone happen to know why I keep getting "START WAS CANCELLED" popping up on my Teach Pendant while Booting up with 9 + Select +Interlock pressed?? I've tried with 2 different pendants, same result every time. The cancelled screen pops up shortly after power to pendant with only one option to select which is OK. This just leave my screen blank indefinitely.

    Found the path in MAINT Mode (SAFETY Level), just under OPTION BOARD instead of OPTION FUNCTION. CP1616 is identified as NOT USED now. Profisafe Virtual Comm is set to VIRTUAL although it always seems to revert back to SAFETY after I reboot back in Maint Mode or after a Flash reset. Long story short, we are trying to move 2 DX 200 MH 180 robots to our repair location from their old cell but need to reposition one of the robots before travel to teh shop (currently sitting in HOME position). The ethernet cables were cut rather than disconnected prior to the move and we received the Safety Fieldbus Comm Not Built alarm after we powered up the forementioned robot without ethernet. The moment we depress the DMS on pendant, this alarm pops up. Thought there would be an easier way to disconnect Safety Fieldbus rather than getting a new cable made but I am still getting this alarm. Tried firing up normally under Safety Password and under Safety SIG Board Allocation, changing all the relevant SFBIN Inputs to NOT USED on a whim but no luck there either. Tried different jumpers in Safety (MXT) card too but same fault. Anybody have any ideas on how to simply get robot power and control for us to move robot into a good transport position while disabling SAFETY FIELDBUS??

    We literally had this fault come up yesterday after an AXA card swap. Black system cable connection underneath wasn’t fully seated after new card install. Pushed it in so you could hear/feel the connection ‘click’ and fault cleared after power cycle

    We have an NX 100 ES 165 that has a damaged U axis encoder cable connection. Cable is fine, broken prong on encoder UTSAE-B17CL connector. We usually just replace the entire motor with encoder attached. If we were to simply swap out U axis encoder with another one from an identical robot, is this recommended? Both full motor with encoder swap vs just encoder swap involve Absolute data recovery so I am thinking just encoder may be quicker. Not sure how an encoder used on a different motor might react. Thoughts?? folks. New Robot tech here. Working on Yaskawa NX100 EA1400 robot. Refurb'd welding robot that we are trying out and every time we power up, we get a Serial I/O fault. You have to manually toggle the serial I/0 check release output to clear. Looking at outputs, cards, parameters but can't seem to figure out why we have to toggle this after every power cycle yet.