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    We have an NX 100 ES 165 that has a damaged U axis encoder cable connection. Cable is fine, broken prong on encoder UTSAE-B17CL connector. We usually just replace the entire motor with encoder attached. If we were to simply swap out U axis encoder with another one from an identical robot, is this recommended? Both full motor with encoder swap vs just encoder swap involve Absolute data recovery so I am thinking just encoder may be quicker. Not sure how an encoder used on a different motor might react. Thoughts?? folks. New Robot tech here. Working on Yaskawa NX100 EA1400 robot. Refurb'd welding robot that we are trying out and every time we power up, we get a Serial I/O fault. You have to manually toggle the serial I/0 check release output to clear. Looking at outputs, cards, parameters but can't seem to figure out why we have to toggle this after every power cycle yet.