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    Finally i've used a maple systems HMI.

    Have you successfully retrieved string data from SNPX to display the string on a Maple HMI?

    If so, please help me figure out how to handle this situation.

    I've been working on this for too long and Maple support isn't able to help either, so I'll pay for someone to help with solving this issue I'm having.


    I have use I and Q but there is other Memory Type like M, G, T, SA, SB, SC, S, R, AI, AQ, W.

    Have you decent experience with this Maple HMI PN: cMT3072X S/N: 2204105756?

    I can't seem to get the string data from the SNPX registers. I'm sure it is because I've not figured out how to properly retrieve this data on the HMI side.

    Anyone, Please, Help?

    Tech support hasn't been able to help so far, but not that they are supposed to...

    So, I'm having issues getting the data string from Fanuc to the Maple HMI.

    The primary issue is most likely in the way I'm attempting to retrieve the data from the Registers that I now have set up under SNPX_ASG.

    This method of using SNPX_ASG is supposed to be the way we allow access to string data from the robot.

    However, after many different approaches for reading in the data, I still am not able to get any of this data to display to the HMI.

    This problem, from what I can tell, requires some decent knowledge of the Maple HMI EasyBuilder Pro software.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated, and when we find a solution I'll be sure to post it, since I can't find any solutions online.

    I'm even willing to pay someone with the right experience/knowledge to help solve this problem.

    Glad to be a member of the community, I didn't realize this was here until today.