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    Yes we know unfortunately. But thankfully we got it working. Last owner added a safety check system to the controller which caused the ARCON command not to work. We were able to disable it and it started welding with the ARCON command.

    Since the last owner dose not communicate, we had to figure this out the hard way.

    Tested the ArcOn relay manually and it worked. All of the relays worked just fine.

    Closed the circuit on the welder to see if it welds and it did.

    I got it working under the Gas Purge relay by switching the connections and manually set the output in the Program. But that doesn't really solve my issue. Still unable to use the ArcOn command for unknown reason.

    There is no other interface than The MEW02 and the analog interface from KempiArc Pulse 450.

    I'm at a real loss here. It worked before we got it, but now it's not, that's the confusing part.


    I'm Sander.

    I have this old MRC SK6 robot and i'm having weird issues with the arc on. I'm getting no switching on ARCON command. I can manually feed, retract the wire and switch on the gas, but it does not react to the ARCON command. Have you guys had this situation before? It was working before Igot the robot, they no issues before. I checked the wiring on the MEW02 board and looked everything to be in order. The board


    I'm super new to the whole Kuka system as of right now, but i'm getting the hang of it.

    But the biggest challenge has been understanding how the I/O system works on the Kuka systems, since I have only worked with ABB plc's, so whole thing confuses me.

    Right now I have a KR C5 Micro. So, I'm just trying to connect a simple connection for a pneumatic valve that uses just a + and - wires on 24v, basically an on/off switch. To my understanding I have to connect one of wires to the output of XG12 to give out the signal to the pneumatic valve and the other to XD12? And map them in WoV? From reading the manuals for it, is it correct the XD12 needs external power source to actually power itself and XG12?

    Every information regarding how the whole I/O system works on Kuka system is welcome, because i'm still learning. :smiling_face:

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