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    WorkVisual 6.0.24

    KSS 8.6.7

    I am working on a program that will control a string of movements that will allow the program to call a point and have the robot safely move there from another point, working its way through intermediate points.
    Example: Robot is at P1 but needs to move to P5. To get there it needs to move through P2 and P4 but can skip over P3 safely (assume they are in order). The way I have it setup currently is that the program calls the function name and inputs the desired position (1-10) and the robot runs a series of case statements that will move the robot around. The moves are called in a sub program just to keep the main one a little cleaner.

    My question is, can I set the movement variables (acceleration, speed, base) once per run of the sub program and have it work for any of the points. Or do I have to have the variables set directly before each movement?


    moveCall (movePos:IN, type:IN)

    BAS(#PTP_PARAMS, 100)


    SWITCH movePos

    CASE 1

    IF type == 1 THEN

    PTP P1

    IF type == 0 THEN

    PTP P1 C_DIS


    CASE 2


    what are you trying to merge?

    Mainly want to copy over the IO and program files. I know the program files can be transfered but the IO i am worried about.
    Would kinematics, drives, and robot specs be generated from WOV as long as I start with the correct robot. Ex: Choosing the KR 210 3300 2K would auto generate the correct specs to run the robot not including mastering

    This is probably a simple question but I need to make sure that I am not about to mess up two brand new robots. I am working on a cell with two robots. KR 180 R2900-2(R1) and a KR 210 3300-2K(R2). Original images of both robots have been taken and stored in a separate location. I have to add an previous projects setup to these new robots. Old robot was a KR 150 R3100-2(R3). All three are running KRC4 8.6.8. All three robots are doing similar jobs (basic pick and drops). The question I have is what do I need to watch when merging, or if merging the old project to the two new ones is even possible? Goal is to be able to not only copy the file programs, but other aspects of the old robot such as safety, IOs, and the main.src that we use.

    I created a new project and set the cell configuration to match the new robots (R1 & R2). The previous project has the R3 in the cell configuration. Again, I know this is a simple question but I am also very weary of completely ruining these two new robots.

    So, robot was given UI15 when there weren't any boxes (i had turned on DO25 manually and forgot to turn off). So, it went all way to step 8 before i could stop it. I needed the robot to go back to line 4 and repeat pick process. However, robot alwahys goes to where it left off

    From what I understand, your stopping the program, selecting line 4 from the TP, and then running it. But when you run it, the robot continues with the move function from line 8. From my understanding of Fanuc, the robot will continue to finish its line of code before moving on to the line you selected unless you abort. You can do this by selecting "Func" and then pressing "Abort All" on the menu screen. You can then run the program with the line you want to start from selected and the robot will instantly start to move to that new line.

    Ok thank you. We now have the PLC guys working on figuring out a way to have the speed changes from the HMI be spread out over a period of time so that the robot is not gaining that huge increase or decrease in speed and torque

    I don't like the idea of the user controlling the speed but thats what the customer wants. We have a sliding bar on the HMI that will be used for the user to change speeds. But we call a function per move that changes the speed for the move based on the type of move it is. But we want to overrides the overall speed of the robot so for example we have it set in the program for the robot to make a linear move at 1000mm/s so CP_VEL = 1.0 but we want the over all speed at 30%

    Curious though, what kind of issues or glitches do you think we would experience?

    I am running a KR 150 3100-2 with KRC4 8.6.8.

    A customer has asked that we implement a way to manually override the robots speed at any given moment via the HMI we have setup for the cell. We have the way we can manually toggle it on the PLC and how to enter it into the robot but not sure where to place the overrides or how to make the code constantly check the speed overrides for any changes.

    So the job doesn't want us to use more than 2 points in a single action (in this instance a part pick) and I have to use 1 point for the start position and one for the part pick itself. Everything else needs to be based off offsets. While I can get the offsets normally with a PTP move to get the orientation of the tool right followed by LIN moves to get to the actual part pick. This time the wiring bundle needed to control the tool at the end of the robot will be pinched and the bracketed used to hold the wiring bunch will hit the robot arm because of the angle we have to get the tool into.

    But for clarification, there is no simple way to have that offset such as (x 100, y 0, z 0, a 0, b 0,c 0, A5 -90)

    Sorry for the confusion. The tool itself needs to maneuver around other machines within the cell. The code I posted is just one of three offset moves the robot needs to make. The robot does not hit any stay out zones or slow down zones in the process, I just need the weird rotational offsets because the "tennis racket" shaped structure that holds all the wires and tubes in place on the robot will hit the arm otherwise. Moving that structure causes other issues with other movements for the robot.

    I am running KRC4

    I am trying to maneuver a robot with gripper attached into a restricted location but I need to have offsets. Due to restrictions of the gripper against the robot, I need to rotate A5 90 degrees along with the offset of the tool itself. The offset is based on a pre-taught point. Is there a way to have a combination of both the tool offset moves as well as the axis offsets?

    Here is the code used with our movement:







    PrePos1={x 0,y 0,z 500,a 0,b 0,c 0}:Pick_GP[g_nStyleNo]

    PTP PrePos1 C_DIS

    The PTP_PARAMS is a function we call to change speed settings on the move. Pick_GP[g_nStyle] is the point we are moving two based on a number called in from a PLC from an array of possible points.