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    You can set TCP in cartesian space monitoring with SafetyConfig.

    Or, you can continuously read each joints or cartesian position in backgrounds and data exchange with main thread, stop the motion etc...

    BTW, I set my safety configuration like, each position +-5 degree from each limit,,,

    You can refer to the document on Xpert

    KUKA Sunrise.OS Operating and Programming Instructions for System Integrators

    At 16.9 Programming manual guidance then you can follow.

    Have you done installing HRC?

    Looks like it relates etherCAT devices.

    Can you run the robot with the other projects not using etherCAT device?

    If you can, then problem might be in process in communicating etherCAT devices.

    Hello Victoria

    If the path depends on force which LBR add, then you can check direction(vector) to add the force.

    //setting parameters for impedance mode

    addingConstantForceMode = new CartesianSineImpedanceControlMode();


    addingConstantForceMode.parametrize(CartDOF.Z).setBias(1); //Nearly 1N

    In above code it push Z direction for example.

    You can use KONI for UDP, but it requires FRI as I understand.

    *Point it out if it is wrong, I always use FRI option when I use KONI port.

    Then you should be clear about which port, which IP is set at the KONI port.

    You can edit them at

    For the UDP communications, I think you might use these in code.;;;

    About UDP there are some port number limitations, it's written in "Operating and Programming Instructions for System Integrators" section 12.3

    Hello empowered

    I see your situation.

    Possible options to take might be

    ・Create new project from the beginning

    ・Re-install sunrise workbench and its options

    Sunrise Workbench sometimes face to a bug with its ".git" systems.

    Have you tried re-install from the beginning? if you dont have lists in the below picture, then installation might be failed.

    You should tell about it to your local KUKA CS.


    I think you can have a look at this thread.

    Basically "Hand guiding device enabling active" and "Hand guiding device enabling inactive" is available with only HRC.

    Best and quick way is to ask Kuka customer servie and purchase the HRC option.

    There would be various way to achieve your application.

    Instead of using ESM and buttons you can try to read external torque of certain axis to stop hand guiding mode, etc..

    Hi, I am totally agree with above answer.

    By only sunrise workbench, you can set up the tool TCP.
    About the operator modes, you can select the usermode by pushing a button in left-down.

    It is supposed to be appear expert user button.

    More about the smartPAD, please go to KUKA Xpert.

    Hello Aga_K2.

    To save frames' coordinates, please download the project from the controller of your LBR iiwa first.

    Once you download a project, you might see the project's frames' coordinates in the Sunrise Workbench.

    Manually you can log these values for a backup.

    About the backup manager program, I havent heard about it before.

    Please ask your Kuka customer service wheather it is a software option.

    If it is not a software option, maybe you can find a java application in samples like "transport" or GMSReferencing or BrakeTest.

    Note that even though your frames coordinates are backuped, if your robots and surroundings physically move you need re-touchup.

    Hope this helps.