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    Hi guys,

    I have a problem with fence and moving. Robot moving, fence interrupt the main slot program during moving and generate event in Error slot. Moves stops and servos got off. After confirm fence error I want to continue moving in path, but error 2000, servos off. Cannot servos turn on in error slot.I dont want to restart main slot, it cancel program path.

    How I do continue moving after fence interrupt event ?

    Thanks for advice

    I use for HMI panel GOT2000, GT27-VTBA and Robot RV-6SD, connected via FTP cable (MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC gateway), Ethernet multi protocol. I normally communicate using M_In/Out16 instruction, but I need to send the string. I made a script that sends the string character by character, but that's not a good solution.

    Do you have a idea how to do it ?

    When I use GT designer3 (GOT1000) with USB connection (ETH card is not available now), it working properly, if I convert project to GOT2000 and check connection via USB, not connection.

    Device manager in Windows show 'Mitsubishi GOT1000 USB Controller.'

    Hi all,

    I have a HMI GT15/GOT1000 panels - GT1585-STBA and GT1575-VTBA with robot RV-6SD. I am using GT designer 3 GOT1000 and I want to change setting "GOT type series GOT1000" to "GOT2000", becouse I want to use features "View receipe". Features is not available for GOT1000 set. Can I do it ? Is it safe ?

    Thank you for advice.

    Thank you guys,

    my primarry question was about AbortAll Fnc with BG logic, I discuss with collegue and check it at my robot. AbortAll not stop BG logic. My collegue think, it can be stopped with robot variables, but I am not sure, no finded any coresponding variable.

    hi all.

    I have a Fanuc Scara Sr12-iA, did ColdStart, next HotStart, recalibrate and now cannot connect from RobotGuide. In the past connect without problems.Ping to robot address working well, "The Robot Neighborhood" Status is available, web from PC browser to robot addrerss works ok, but cannot connect with RobotGuide.

    Can you advise me please ? Thanks.

    brw: On TP status line is error HRTL-061 - Ethernet connection is refused