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    But first check if your licence covers this. And if it covers it you would not need to do it like that but could ask KUKA for the installation sources (including necessary windows image). Also there a limitiations on what upgrades are possible depending on the mainboard version (MCC). So talk to KUKA to be sure.

    As Fubini wrote, if you are unsure whether your license includes updates, please contact KUKA.

    From a technical point of view, if the license is correct (includes update).. in the KUKA_Release folder there is a complete installation of the "new" KSS.

    hello all

    I'm wondering to know is it possible to perform software update KRC4 controller from 8.3.37 to V8.5.7 HF1?

    I have already copied 'KRC_Release' file from the newer robot to our 8.3 robot and tried software update from the network according to document but I don't know why at the end KRC can't start.

    any comments are highly appreciated

    When you have folder KRC_Release, You need just to open setup.exe and install system...

    Hmmm riiiiight... writing just for writing is no sense....

    I have connected router (router mode - dynamic IP etc.) to the switch inside robot cabinet (i'm to lazy to walk around all robot and connect one by one).

    Host network card also automatic settings.... and in Host I see all connected robots and I can open each project in WoV. WITH THESE PARAMETERS.

    But...when I open WoV in VM then WoV don't see the robots but I receive feedback after pinging in CMD.

    Also when I scan network with Proneta then I see just Host.

    If you didn't had these situation OR you don't know how to help or show some trick don't loose your time...


    I have problem to connect to the robot with WorkVisual V6.0.21 installed on wirtual machine (VMware).
    Host: Win 11
    System with WorkVisual in witual: Win 10.

    I tryed all options on "Network Adapter" configuration.

    1. NAT

    2. Bridge
    3. Bridge with replicate physical network connection state

    I tryed also with external wifi card.

    When I ping robot then I receive feedback from the robot but in Workvisual I don't see this robot.

    In host I dont have any issue with connection to the robot.

    Did someone have problem like this?

    Firewall in Host and Wirtual are disabled.