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    If I can get another 75-100 mSec per cycle, I can get my parts per minute up to almost 55-60, which is what my boss really wants. I am picking swabs out of an Asyril sorting table, using a Cognex camera. I see that my camera is my bottleneck. I have gotten 100 mSec better camera by tuning it better, it seems like the INSPECT macro is where the robot stops and waits. I am hoping to trigger the INSPECT macro while the robot is putting my picked part on the conveyor. I will try what has been suggested and post results.

    I want to save time while my robot is out of the camera to take the next picture. The best I've been able to do is set my PL to 8 and get what I'm guessing is a few milliseconds.

    Can I run a Macro while I am doing some MOVJ and MOVL functions?

    It has been years since I have had any formal training on these, and I finally talked the Boss-man into buying one, so now I need to make it perform better...

    My Camera functions are in a Macro(Inspect) already that I call out at the beginning of the program, but I would like to take the picture when the arm is working on something else.

    I was running a pick and place operation for a while with a SG650 and an Asyril Shaker Cube. It started out bolted to the left side of the table. With the X axis sticking out to the left side when it moved in to pick parts. We have since done some redesign of our work cell, putting the robot on the right side of the table. I now need to make the X axis stick out to the right side of the swing, so it doesnt contact my feeder bowl. I understand the robot makes its own calculations to get to where it needs to be, but I need to hold the X axis out the other way.

    Has anyone "done" this sort of change in the past?

    I am not an expert level programmer on this one, but I do pretty good...