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    Okay :smiling_face: So I found on forum Karel program which saves recieved data to position register :smiling_face: On first look it should work fine, but when I send string with 6 coordinates (string is in format ("x, y, z, w, r, p")) the position register does not change :thinking_face: For me Karel is working properly, can you confirm if it is okay? :smiling_face:

    But i do not know why it does not get data from python. I made simple client and server code in python and I have connection between them :thinking_face:

    I understand your idea to send coordinates via robot's webpage, but I think it will not be the best solution. In short, i have to convert Fanuc M1iA into 3D printer :smiling_face: I use coordinates generated from STL/3MF files and I wanted to send them to robot via TCP/IP (using Python), but I do not know how to recieve data and move robot using Karel. I set up a client tag on Fanuc and server in Python. I copied piece of code from Karel documentation with MSC_CONN() function and I can connect with Fanuc via Python, but I have no idea how to write Karel program to move robot. Currently I am studying Karel documentation, but I barely understand.

    Hello, I have big university project and part of it is to send coordinates and move Fanuc robot (M-1iA 0.5A delta robot). I have to use Python and send data via TCP/IP. I totally have no idea how to do it. Now I am reading Karel documentation and looking for tips. Before I will be able to use real robot I have to make simulation using Roboguide.

    Have you got any tips or guides how to make this connection? :smiling_face: Greetings from Poland :smiling_face:

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