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    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    Thank you for your suggestion, it's helpful for us, we will change the board and let you know status.

    Hope so issue will resolve after replacing 1RB boar. :justice:

    Thank you once again.

    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    First of all thank you so much for your reply,

    I would like to inform you we recently changed the 1RA board because of booting issue and after that we load the AS and SV software and did the initialisation after that robot working properly, we did teaching after that turn off the controller and turn on next day, so error D2018 (Arm control board ) not responding.

    So we did controller OFF and ON but after that only Kawasaki logo coming.

    As you suggested I will try to connect rs232 with controller and PC.

    In 1RB board LED2 glowing red and according to manual it's PRG2 but I don't know what is the meaning of PRG2, please suggest if you about PRG2.

    As and SV version is,



    I am trying to hardware initialisation but it's not initialised, same Kawasaki logo coming and controller stuck on logo screen.

    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone one help about D controller booting issue.

    We have D+ controller and controller type is D42 and it's not booting properly, only Kawasaki logo coming and after that stuck on the same screen.

    Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue.

    We checked from our side and found in 1RB board glowing red light and according to manual LED indication it's PRG2 light but there is no mention what is the meaning of PRG2?

    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    First of all, Thank you for your reply.

    Requested details is below,

    - Who has installed the rotary conveyor:- Third party system integrator install conveyor.

    - What is driving the conveyor motor:- Siemens Induction motor drive the conveyor and controlled by siemens VFD.

    - Is the motor coupled to the conveyor via a gearbox at all:-Yes, Motor is couple with the gearbox and gear ratio is 1:111.

    - Where is the encoder mounted to:- Encoder mounted at the center of conveyor and Encoder is open collector type (Incremental) (Encoder make:-POSITAL).

    - What tests/checks have you made to ensure your values are correct:- Mark the point at the conveyor measure the fixed distance manually and then reset conveyor axis data and run the conveyor till the marked point match the manual data and axis data, found 20-25mm variation.

    - What settings have you actually made:- setting i made that is in attached photo.

    - Are you getting any errors:- No, whenever I tried to track the conveyor at that time robot move opposite direction of conveyor moving and move till its maximum axis data.

    - What is actually happening aside from 'it doesn't track:- Whenever i tried to track the conveyor robot not follow the conveyor, the robot is left behind and the conveyor overtakes it and if we increase the robot speed then robot overtake the conveyor.

    - Have you read the manual and confirmed things in line with the documentation:- I have conveyor synchronization manual, according the manual only I insert the data, only I have doubt about how to calculate 1. Gain for conveyor speed bias? 2. Ineffective pitch?

    - There is setup and programming procedures, have you followed them:- According to the manual procedure only I did the programing.

    Dear Sir,

    I am trying to give all the information but rather than if I missed something please ask, I will try to provide all the details.

    once again thank you so much for your reply and support.

    So what are your values for each point I wrote?

    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    - How many bits are provided by the encoder for one revolution of encoder travel :- Encoder PPR (1-16384), this data provided by encoder OEM.

    - How many revolutions of the encoder does it take to rotate the conveyor one revolution ;- 269110597 bit.

    - This will provide how many bits in total per one revolution of the conveyor:- according to the formula

    = distance travel by conveyor (mm) divide by

    (Encoder value after the motion (bit) - encoder

    value before the motion (bit), we get resolution 4.264544 mm/bit

    - Work out the circumference of the conveyor (radius from motor to centre of conveyor):- diameter of conveyor is 11537, so circumference is πxdiameter= 36223.04.

    - Divide the circumference by how many bits per one revolution of the conveyor.

    - This should provide bits/mm for the encoder setting.

    - If you have 15 stations you then have 24 equal positions around the circumference of the conveyor.

    - So divide the circumference by 15 and you will have the distance in mm of each station centre:- 2415.53mm

    - You should then have equal distances between each station centre then.

    - So if the bits/mm is correct, you should be able to find each station based on the encoder value.

    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    According your all point, i input all the data but when I try to track the robot it's not follow the conveyor.

    Sample program for conveyor tracking :-


    If any point is wrong from my side, please suggest.

    Dear Kawasaki sir,

    Please help to solve conveyor tracking issue,

    I am badly stuck in middle of this project.

    Thank you in advance.

    Dear sir,

    First of all thank you for your reply,

    -Encoder mm/bit is calculate according to the manual formula = distance travel by conveyor (mm) divide by

    (Encoder value after the motion (bit) - encoder

    value before the motion (bit))

    -I checked encoder bit value by using Where25 command.

    - Conveyor radius is 5523mm.

    - One station to another station distance is 1940mm.

    For your reference I attached one drawing layout, please check once and give your feedback.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Hello Everyone,

    We are doing form pouring project with Kawasaki ZX165 robot and E02 controller, so our mold is on rotary conveyor and conveyor diameter is 11.35 meter. We have total 15 number of station on rotary conveyor and we are using Posital make incremental encoder.

    We done the encoder wiring with 1SQ board and checked the encoder feedback, it coming properly.

    We checked Conveyor operation manual and according to manual input the data but still my robot not track properly, I have some doubt regarding conveyor synchronisation.

    1. How to calculate the resolution for Rotatory conveyor??? (i already check manual but in the manual no calculation formula or method mentioned).

    2. In Environment data other details also required i.e. (Maximum speed, Maximum position, Gain for conveyor speed Bias, etc), so how to calculate this data???

    Request to everyone, If anyone having idea related this issue, please support.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone help me to explain how to use Frame in Kawasaki robot?

    I have E01 controller with RS020N robot and I am try to use Frame instruction but it's not working, so can anyone please help me.

    Sample program photo is attached in this message.

    Thank you in advance.