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    We are using Fanuc's Robot Interface to read 3-5 system variables from our FANUC M-900iB/700 which is connected to a R30iB controller.

    In theory the Robot Interface should be able to send a response every 8ms, which we don't except. When we run our code on a simulation we get a response every ~17ms. As soon as we run the same code on our real robot, we receive a response every ~70ms.

    Is this normal? Has anyone similar response times? We connect our PC directly with the controller's top ethernet port. The ping responses are usually lower than 1.2ms.

    Is there anything we can do to reduce the latency? All we want to do is read a few system variables as fast as possible.


    Thank you very much.

    What is the usual setup for this? Can I connect my PC via LAN to the Fanuc controller and send correction values from my PC? This would be nice, as the measurement system is connected to the PC and the PC receives the measurements.


    I'm trying to implement a closed loop controller that can perform live corrections. I want to improve the accuracy of the robot by using an external measurement system (laser tracker at the moment).

    Unfortunately I'm not sure what packages/software I need on the Fanuc or its controller (R-30iB).

    My ideal solution would look like this:

    1. I send cartesian point to the robot

    2. It moves there

    3. As it moves, I can adjust my desired position and the robot will move there

    I looked into the dynamic path modifier package but I'm not sure if I can build a controller with it, as I want to use the measurement data of the laser tracker and it doesn't look like the DPM package can communicate with external tools.

    Has anyone done something similar? I'm lost as soon as I look at all the packages from Fanuc.