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    maybe a silly question, but we have bumped our robot-mounted 3DV sensor a little. I have performed automatic grid calibration (the measuring position was the same as initial calibration) and everything went OK. Do I need to touch up all the TP points after that?

    Hi guys,

    We have a setup, where a CRX is manually controlled via RMI by an operator for basic Vision camera alignment. In order for not to break things up, I have set up a restricted DCS zone, which is disabled with TP program via NSI (like "DO on = zone OFF") after successful Vision recognition and the robot enters the area by itself. After performing its job, it is retracted back with another TP program and the DCS "no-go area" is switched back on.

    However, there's a slight glitch - if we lose controller power with the robot in the zone, it gets stuck there (the NSI input which turns off the zone recovers its zero state after bootup - we need the inputs to behave like this due to other reasons and stuff connected to the controller).

    Is there any way to switch the zone on&off with a TP program while the robot is in the restricted area (and TP programs seem that they cannot be executed at the moment)? I would only like to run the program for retracting from the restricted zone, not any other.

    Hello guys,

    we have a CRX-10iAl with 3DV sensor installed at our facility. During christmas holidays, the robot was off and after we came back, we had SRVO-062 BZAL on axes 1,2,3. We have replaced the drained batteries and I'm having trouble with mastering. Unfortunately, the robot was painted over due to design reasons and the zero witness marks are gone :frowning_face:

    I have tried to do single axis mastering, but now I'm not sure, whether the robot is correctly following taught points, visually it seems a bit off and it would be a nightmare to touchup all the points in all programs and also redo the Vision.

    Is there any way to do correct mastering without witness marks? I have the factory datasheet with encoder count numbers, but after single axis mastering, only axis 2 now corresponds exactly to factory defaults, the other two are completely off and when I try to change values in $DMR.$MASTER_COUN by means of manual entry, the positions of joints seem to be off (POSN screen).

    I have gone trough forum and am a bit confused. I suppose, that zero position (within half a revolution of the encoder) is unreachable witout the marks. We have not overwritten the quick mastering reference position, which should be from factory "on marks".

    What do you suggest?

    Thanks for your support!

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