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    Thank you Titus, that does sound like a real pain. I have experience using photogrammetry for smaller parts. Maybe I will try the same route for the tubs and mount the camera onto the robotic arm. Will need to get some dotted stickers for the tub.

    I check the frame shift schedule, and it seems like there is no longer an option to set the offset type. I am going to have to do some trials to see if adding additional points would compensate for minor dimensional changes. I greatly appreciate your help TitusLepic

    Thank you so much for the additional details sir. I will have to study it a little bit. I am in the process of convincing my client to digitize their hand made thermal forming molds as well. Do you have any experience with 3D scanners? or are your molds are digitally designed to begin with?

    Thank you for sharing the insight. I am currently using 7 points, 4Z, 2Y, and 1X on the lip portion of the tub. It is working reasonably well, but some points on the opposite side of the X are slightly off (1/8). May I ask what do you mean by "allowable convergence of 4"? Do you mind sharing your search point selection strategies?

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum here. I have recently started programming for a Fanuc robot with a R-30iB controller.

    It uses a laser to do a frame calibration every time a thermal formed hot tub is loaded onto the fixture.

    My question, does the Frame Shift calibration program simply adjust the tilt and shift of a Cartesian frame, or does it also account for the wrapping and shrinkage of the tub as well.

    From the controller manual, it seems to indicate some level of compensations for dimensional changes,. I am just trying to understand how it works behind the scene.

    Thanks in advance.