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    Hi Bonczek,

    there are many ways to continue a program after it stops, one of them is to continue exactly where was stopped, another one is to be aborted, the option that I suggest is abort and start the process from the beginning, and you should add a routine into the home sequence to decide if you will scrap the part or continue with the process.

    In this step I suggest a sensor to decide if the part is ok or if you should scrap it.

    Or did you mean something different?


    Do you reallly need to connect the limit switch into the controller? If this signal isn't a safety signal maybe you may consider to use the EE Connector.

    If you have this connector I think this option will help you, it will alow you use this signal for any purpose you have.

    Hi to everyone,

    I'll give you guys some context, I'm working a LR Mate 200iD/7C, this robot is mounted upside down, on the roof of it's cell, this Robot works in three configurations, I mean NUT, NUB, FDB, the robot's funtion is a Pick & Place, works with a matrix of 9x16, this cell works or well that's supposed to, because it has a lot of improvements, one of them is the Home Sequence.

    My question is if exists a variable to know the actual robot's configuration?!

    I was thinking to create a Karel program where I calculate the inverse kinematics but I think this isn't the right way to do this, I suppose should exist a variable with this information.

    I hope you can help me!! :help:


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