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    you realize that you are testing in T1 mode?

    Yes. It is keypoin for my app.


    even on a real robot $USER_SAF is ignored in T1.

    Very strange, on a real robot i use variable $USER_SAF in T1 and have no problems.

    It seems $USER_SAF has a same behaviour as function is_key_pressed() on Office lite and doesnt simulate pressing.

    For my task i decide to use $CYCFLAG[n] wich include one $USER_SAF and second var 'my_var'. On real robot my code will be have same functionality if 'my_var' == TRUE.

    Anyway thanks for ansfer.

    Hello gentlemen. A little off topic.

    Are there any ways to switch $USER_SAF in office lite?

    I tried to change "machine.dat" file, but did not get a good result. ?(

    Also i tried to switch off $USER_SAF by custom plugin, which operate KRC via KukaRoboter.LegacyKrcServiceLib but aslo without succes.

    I need to develop some KRL code by using $USER_SAF but don't know how I can simulate that on OfficeLite.

    Small video for better understanding... -> Test

    Hi everyone!

    Simple question, where i can check mainboard version? I did't find everething outside PC. Inside PC the mainboard has sticker with D3445-K11 GS2.

    CPU-z shows info in picture bellow:

    No information regarding MCC 20...40

    Panic mode, SkyeFire, thank a lot for quick answer. I've understood that have no easy way to generate the popup window.

    In KRL, the SET_KRLDLG function is passed the message text, an array of text values for each button, some parameters, and passes back an integer "handle" attached to the dialog box that SET_KRLDLG pops up.

    Normally, the pop-up only clears when one of the buttons is pressed, but it's also possible to clear the pop-up from inside your program using CLR_KRLMSG (Handle Variable).

    Yes, i know how the SET_KRLDG function works. And my first think was about it. Thank you for good example i will investigate that!

    does it need to be a popup? status message would be perfect for this

    Yes it need to be a popup. I want to block any activity from User-s during my function is executed.