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    I am having trouble getting a (Brand name:) Sick laser range finder to give a valid analog input to the Controller. Using the device with digital search patterns works, but analog searches return a "THSR-045 Analog input not Calibrated" error. I have tried several solutions but nothing seems to work.

    Syst Settings:

    Touch Schedule:

    • search pattern: Fillet/Lap (simple also tested, does not work)
    • pattern type: 1_D Shift (all search patterns attempted, none work)
    • Touch Sensing Type: Laser Sensor
    • Laser Z Inv Signal: OFF

    Touch I/O Setup:

    • Touch Sensing Type: Laser Sensor
    • Sensor Port Type: AI -- DI functions correctly, need AI for certain measurements
    • Circuit Port Type: RO -- Default Value, Couldn't find anything to indicate this needs changed

    Calibration files: loaded into FRS: file drive, I have verified the laser settings match the calibration file


    TH_CALIBL.DT -- renamed clone of TH_CALIB.DT to see if it was a name mismatch


    "TH_SENSOR" port type: 3 (analog),

    "TH_SENSORL" port type: 3 (analog), -- I do not know why there is a TH_SENORL and TH_SENSOR file, but "Touch I/O Setup" is linked to TH_SENSORL, not TH_SENSOR

    "TH_LASER" FALSE -- I have no idea what this variable does and cant find any info on it

    Laser: Laser operates correctly, as given by correct operation in Digital mode, and the integrated screen on the laser reads the correct distance for the Analog value being sent to the control box

    Sick Laser: OD1-B100H50I25


    can you explain what is the "4D edit window" and where I can find it, please?

    on roboguide it is in the left tab cell browser near the bottom, 4d edit views. double click, and select synchronize views with controllers, will upload your roboguide view including fixtures, machines, eoats, etc to the virtual teach pendant, you can then export the files from the top menu as well. load the files into your TP and execute the file. 4D viewer addon is req