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    Hi All,

    I am having an issue loading a program onto my Dx200 controller using the YRC1000 pendant. When i am trying to load the program it comes up with an "incorrect job name" error, I have changed the name of the job, as well as editted the name of the job within the program using NotePad++, however it is still coming up with the same error.

    How can i load the program?

    Thank You,


    One of my students changed a tool frame that was being used in a previous written program, so when the cell goes into auto is using that tool frame as the data has been over written, i have gone back on back ups but when i try to open a VR or DG file they come up as binary, and i dont get any data out of it. How do i go about reading these files to get data out of them, or does anyone know how i can find the previous tool frame values?

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