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    Ok thank you for this well developed explanation, I understand better.

    in my system I will have 3 KRC2 bays with CP5613/14 profibus cards as a slave which communicates with a master PLC.

    the "pfbms.ini" file for the 3 bays and as explained below.

    however, i have to adapt the code of the "iosys.ini" file to make the bays functional and independent.

    Code: iosys.ini bay 3
    inb1=63,9,x4  ; Automate    ($IN[9-40])
    outb1=63,9,x4 ; AUtomate    ($out[9-40])

    I really hope I am not mistaken, if not that means that I did not understand everything.

    Thank you very much for your advice and your patience.

    Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.

    so in my case the name of my CP5613/14 profibus card is 127

    example 1;

    inb3=127,0,x3 ; inb6 means $IN[25..48]

    example 2;

    inb6=127,0,x3 ; inb6 means $IN[41..64]

    but not at the same time otherwise correlation.

    inbX --> input bytes

    inbX --> start bytes

    127,0,x3 --> the name of the IO carte (in my case CP5613/14)

    127,0,x3 --> start bytes PLC

    127,0,x3 --> start bytes robot

    thanks for your help and your attention

    OK, your answer explains to me how declarations work.

    Thanks a lot,

    If I summarize quickly, kuka is limited to a maximum of 127 bytes input and output.

    inb (declaration in bytes), and the 6 (or X num) bytes belong to when taking into account the input and output of the profibus card.

    the X4 represents the number of bytes we want to map.

    for the moment I don't know how the profibus card is configured on the PLC side, and the PLC is not yet connected to the bay, the project being under development.

    So as my Profibus CP5613/14 card is not yet connected to the PLC even if I correctly configure my card, the robot displays the error message "I/O configuration) every day?

    I only know the settings on the automatic side within 1 week.

    Thank you very much for your help and this explanation, it means a lot to me

    Hello and thank you for your answer,

    If I understand everything correctly, I should only focus on the "pfbms.ini" and "iosys.ini" files and ignore the other files I mentioned.

    as if below, I commented on what you told me and will test it during the day.

    Quote from hermann

    For your card everything is configured in pfbms.ini and iosys.ini.

    In your excerpt of iosys.ini everything already is declared, you have to delete or comment the lines for master io (et200..)

    but sorry i don't understand what you mean in your last sentence.

    Quote from hermann

    This lines declare 4 (x4) bytes of io on the slave part (fixed number in iosys.ini of 127) of cp5614, beginning from io number 6*8+1=49 on robot.

    I understand that this is the number of inputs and outputs to declare for (probably) my profibus card.

    I referred to the linked document (I apologize because it is in French) where you can see the number input and output on the CP5614.

    Alright, I was negligent.

    I mainly refer to the French version of the document.

    I understand the English version, which means that to operate my profibus card as a slave, I must have "MASTER_USER=0" and "MODUL_USED=1".

    I must have a "slave.ldb" file, even if I don't use it in slave version. I have this file but I can't open it to find out what it contains.

    moreover, I looked at the "IOSYS.ini" file, from what I understand it is a file that configures the input and output depending on the card.

    but I can't understand the explanation given at the end of the card which explains how it works.

    I assume that the profibus part is the one declared under [PROFISL] and [PROFIMA] which are not declared in my case.

    I also recently found a "profibus.ini" file of which I do not understand all of its functions.

    I know it's a lot but I want to understand how it works to be able to be independent afterwards.

    Thanks in advance for your answers and explanations.

    I translated the slave part of the previously transmitted kuka document

    thanks for your reply

    Hello, I am contacting you to find out how to correctly configure my CP5613/14 profibus card as a slave and how to activate it on the bay KRC2.

    Info baie : KRC2, 2003, V4.1.5

    Version IHM : V3.3.64 B106 (V)KRC1 V3.3/V4.1

    Info robot : KR16 C2 FLR ZH16 ‘’ - \ KRC2\KR16\FLOOR - 2004

    link for images with bay and robot info -->

    kuka documents link use -->

    I followed the indications of the document PBCP5613/41 10.02.02 FR to configure the pfbms.ini file which manages the configuration of the profibus card.

    "MASTER_USED=1" and "MODUL USED=0" to configure the card as a slave, this is what is said in the document.

    the document also talks about DATABASE_PATH but I don't understand what I should do exactly.

    But for some unknown reason I have the error that my input and output are not configured.

    as can be seen in the linked image, the profibus driver is not active.

    what should I do please to make it work?

    Thank you in advance for your help. :smiling_face:

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