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    Even though technology is moving forward, humanity seems to digress. I was not teaching I was asking, calling my question technobabble sounds like you're familiar with a virus.

    When I completely compute the possibility of incorporating subset electromagnetic with the modern binary, is there anyone that can and will to distinguish my work, without acknowledging mathematics errors but for completeness.

    Thanks for the reply, yes is the answer, but to elaborate, if you I was to assign each human joint to a robotic computation hardware, that contains the movements of the arms and legs, but have more iterations for the fingers and toes.

    For example if ankle has a orbits the axis with 19 degrees flexibility with compiled functions for the toes, or you can compile more iterations with binary language, and retain the robot by fixing force the byte.


    My name is TooHeart, or a bunch of ones and zeros to my operation system. I have a generation question, I understand a computer operation system, but I could not begin to design one myself, well not currently. To make this short, I would like to know if it is possible to design a robot that has binary language for movements to replace current gears, hydrophilic , and/or cup ball joints for more fluent motions, and not for heavy lifting.

    For example: a closed fist of a robot will be 0000000 than a slightly raised knuckle will be 00000001, adding more iterations to allow more human like motion until the hand becomes completely open at 01111111.