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    That stands to reason, and good thinking.

    I tried it, it worked great. I also made something similar with the 4th and 6th axis.

    For the 4th, I put robot it that position:







    I mesured from a fixed part of the tool to a centered machined part at the base of the robot. Rotated J4 by 180° until both mesure were the same.

    For the 6th I put the robot in that position:







    Then again I mesured from a fixed part of the tool to a centered machined part between the 3rd and 4th axis. Rotated J6 by 180° until both mesure were the same.

    One robot went from +/- 8mm to +/-4mm and the other from +/-5mm to +/-2mm

    The difference is barely visible when looking at the mark. I'm currently working on a similar process for the 3 first joint, but I'm not sure I will find something.

    I'll look for that, meanwhile is there a way to adjust the 5th and 6th axis without it? I'm not sure we can get the jig in time. The test is 16 march.

    For the 5th I tried to rotate both the 4th and 6th axis by 180, I belive the tip of tge tool should stay at the same place?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum.

    I'm working with two fanuc robot for welding task. Model 120ic and controler R-30ia. The TCP was never great on either one, it move around at least 5mm. It wasn't a problem since we could weld pretty straight anyway. They have runned like that for at least 5 years.

    But now we need to have them certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. The certification process include to "configurate and adjust the TCP".

    I didn't find any method to define the tool that worked, so we figured out it must be the Masering. We tried to redo it, but we got two problem; we don't find the align mark on the 5th and 6th axis and I don't think using that method alone is precise enough? Surely there is a more precise way to do it no?

    So to resume;

    1: Anybody has certified fanuc robot with CWB?

    2: Where are the mark on the 5th and 6th axis?

    3: Are there any method more precise than to align the mark?

    Oh and before I forget; english isn't my first language and 95% of my knowledge is self-learned. Although I explored these robot far and wide for five years, I know I can be considered a rookie and I'm more than happy to learn new/real technique/procedure.