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    One of my students wrote a basic motion program as a lab assignment.

    The lab asked him to change the speed from % to seconds. He used 10.0 seconds as a time value.

    J P[1] 10.0sec CNT100

    J P[2] 10.0sec CNT100


    The manipulator moves almost imperceptibly. Displaying World position in separate window shows small changes happening in the decimal parts of X, Y, and Z position values.

    Increasing or decreasing the time values has no effect.

    If the speed values are replaced with 50% speed, the program operates in a more normal fashion.

    If the 10.0sec program is run in AUTO, it operates as it would be expected.

    Robot is a ER-4iA / R-30iB Mate Plus. HandlingTool V9.30P/21 installed; a second identical robot has V9.30P/20. The program acts the same on both robots.

    I have looked at DCS configuration but cannot find any relevant settings that are active that would explain the behavior.

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