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    Hello there,

    I'm doing a project in RobotStudio as a student. This is my first bigger project in robot programming.

    I would like to add an Epson Scara LS3-B401S to ABB's RobotStudio. After model import, I orientated the model, set the local origin to zero. (but I am not sure about the "Frames" position and the "Calibration" position-maybe it is the reason for my problem).

    If I try to use mechanic joint jog it works well. After that, I tried to add a System in many ways, but I cannot use the "Jog linear" or "Jog reorients" (glitchy model or lack of moving arrows).

    I already tried to use the ABB's Scara controller (IRB910SC) but it has 4 joins (main have 3) /the rod is divided into 2 parts and has 2 joints/.

    I tried to add a SAC too but I haven't found there right coordinate system for my robot (XYZ isn't the right choice ofc.).

    I added a custom system too based on this tutorial but it was glitchy too (and the system automatically overwrites my joint limits :/)...

    I appreciate your help!

    PS.: I added a 4th joint which is a rotation of the shaft, but there are no moving arrows for "Jog linear" or "Jog reorients"

    we you would design your gripper in whatever software you like and then import it. did not play with Unity and Steam but i would expect that loading standard CAD model is not a problem.

    in case of RoboDk you just drop it into main window and you can manipulate it...

    Yeah, I already started to model the gripper part, but that particular software looks like a closed system with very few non-branded (6axis/delta) robots (sorry if I am wrong).

    Now I decided to add my Epson robot to the ABB's Robotstudio (our school has some free licenses for students for it). VR in Robostudio

    RoboDK looks promising but on the other hand, it has only a 30-day trial and I am not sure if it supports VR or not.

    Hello there!

    I would like to make an animation of a Scara robot in Virtual reality. The main job of the robot would be to pick up a test tube move it with a grab head (remove their tip) with a test tube grabber/ pipetman G adapter. I am not sure about the software (model/mechanism) support for this adapter/head. (It is the topic of my bachelor's thesis)

    I DON'T need a functional automatization with a G-code generator soo it ISN'T important for me to use manufacturing/automatization software, but there they usually have an educational license option.

    I already found some software for it, like RobotStudio (but it is for ABB), Visual Components , or Simlab Composer for Sketchup (this one is only for an animation of a Scara .skp model) - but it would be hard to animate every component and connect those movements together. /ofc another option would be to use Unreal or Unity with reverse kinematics, but why.../

    I know that this project is a little bit offtopic and it isn't fully a "top" industrial robot problem, but I haven't found anything out-of-the-box solution for my problem.

    Thank you in advance!