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    hi all i would control ur16 from plc. I send the target position but sometimes the robot reach the position in uncorrect way. I would like impose the angle of the motors in order to obtain always the robot with the arm down and not arm up.

    secondly i would like if it is possible obtain all combition of motors angle for the target position before move it.

    many thanks

    Hi all I'm writing an automatica machine with two UR16 and I want to control them from plc. I would pass positions, start and stop, command of external output, read external input, read actual position of robot. Can someone help me how to pass parameter to robot?

    for example in robot i write a code where position are read from plc because is plc who know which product the robot had to work and take and where put them.

    Many thanks in advance

    Hi all, I would like write a job which LOAD (LOADJ) from USB pendant and DELETE them (DELETEJ) from yaskawa memory when it job finishes. In this way I may avoid to load very big jobs called from main job which high dimension.

    this is possible?

    maybe I don't understand well how loadj and deletej works correctly

    many thanks

    Hi all, I wrote on pc the code in user frame 5 and i tried import it on yaskawa robot but following error appears:

    3210 position No. storage area not found.

    I write a part of code:




    ///NPOS 9000,0,0,0,0,0

    ///USER 5

    ///TOOL 0



    ///RCONF 0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0










    ///DATE 2023/01/03 18:58

    ///ATTR SC,RW,RJ

    ////FRAME USER 5

    ///GROUP1 RB1


    MOVL C00000 V=50.0

    MOVL C00001 V=50.0

    MOVL C00002 V=50.0

    MOVL C00003 V=50.0


    MOVL C08997 V=50.0

    MOVL C08998 V=50.0

    MOVL C08999 V=50.0


    can someone help me?

    Hi all, I would like communicate with my fs100 yaskawa robot to change paramenters as speed, positions, variables ecc for 4.0 machines. In the past I wrote python and node-red codes with modbus and profinet protocols. Can someone help me with suggestions or example codes to write and read parameteres from yaskawa robots?

    many thanks in advance

    Thank you very much. Also for 4.0 settings I need modbus ethernet connection. I tryed using management user and safety user but ethernet is not activable. I remember I need rotate a switch in the dx200 electronic card but I don't remember number

    Mnay thanks for your answer, I would like activate ethernet board on dx200 - vs100 but the ethernet/ip cpu board is not settable and is NOT USED. Can you help me activate ethernet communication and modbus and profinet communication?

    many thank in advance

    I think I'm not undestanding difference between universal input/ouput and external input/output

    I remember I used a robot where an external piston was connected to a output pin and with the PP I was able to control the output from the page universal output. Until now I can check the input output state in the external input/output page. But I need control the digital output from a job code with the function IN/OUT in the inform list

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