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    Thanks for that!

    Would it be fair to say then, as a generalisation, that it works best when organisations (big or small) simplify standards and contextualise them, whether they do that in-house or hire 3rd party companies to do it for them?

    In terms of enforcing them, how do people ensure these guidelines are followed? And what happens when they're not?

    Thank you SkyeFire, that's very helpful!

    In addition to the specific guidelines you've provided above, I was wondering whether you've ever come across good examples of how organisations or individuals have communicated these guidelines? We're also trying to understand how guidelines can be communicated/reinforced effectively.

    For example, is it mainly training, or are there other formats or methods that have been effective at reinforcing or communicating guidelines? (The warning sticker for airbags in cars that has some visuals to show you which direction to put a child/baby seat would be an example)...

    Hi everyone, I'm a social scientist working with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on a project that aims to understand how to design good safety guidelines for working with cobots. We'd love your input in this research.

    I understand this is a broad topic, and that "cobot" is a broad term, but we are interested in a broad range of circumstances. This particular part of the study is focused on safety guidelines in the workplace, and the features that make guidelines good (eg effective, easy to follow, appropriate). This is not about replicating or replacing existing safety standards, but about how workplaces can encourage safe practices and reduce risk.

    My questions for you all are:

    1. Have you ever seen good safety guidelines for working with cobots and/or robots in the workplace? If so, please describe them, especially why and what you like about them. If possible, please share a photo, screenshot or file of them. (If you don’t have an example of a good cobot/robot guideline, please describe another technical guideline that you like).

    2. If you were designing ideal safety guidelines for working with cobots in your workplace, what would they be like? (eg the format, placement, type of information etc.)

    3. Have you ever been in a situation where there were no safety guidelines available, but they could have been useful? Please describe what the guidelines ideally would have looked like, communicated, addressed etc., and why you think they could have been useful.

    Please let us know a bit about your experience working with robots/cobots in your responses. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

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