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    You can replace with the power on if you are very careful.

    If you want to do it with power off, make sure to do manual shutdown found in the Service menu under the 'File' dropdown. After selecting 'Shutdown', wait for the controller to finish imaging and the LEDs on the CPU go out (about 8 - 18 seconds) before turning off the disconnect. This will ensure you have a known good image when you power the controller back on.

    The battery pack in the link looks correct but I've always used the 3HAC5105-1 pack made with NiCads, not NiMH. Not sure how the charging would be affected.
    The NiCad packs require a 24hr 'ON' period to be assumed fully charged.

    Okey, I'll try to find a NiCad battery instead of a Ni MH battery.

    For this topic all i clear!

    In addition, I have one problem with the connection to the FTP on controller, but I will prepare a new topic.

    Thank You Skooter & Lemster68 for your help!

    If you make another system with the hanging selected, you will have to correct the gravity beta again, and, I just remembered the base frame orient. Just select florr.

    I used option 2400/10 M2000 (i think default is floor)

    After you reset rev counters, you need to run the 'CALIB' routine you wrote to according to video. The axis position value for all 6 axes should now be 0.0. If they are not at 0.0, then the p10 position somehow did not have all axes set to be at 0.0. Follow the video again and make sure to edit p10 for all 6 axes. If you are not sure, make a backup and post a zipped copy of the backup. Someone here can help find the issue.

    I repeated the "CALIB" routine again and now it WORKS! :smiling_face: All arm joints are in 0.0 in controller and also in position marks! I don't know why that was not working couple months ago.

    One last question in this topis: I need to replace the battery inside the controller(18NiCd batteries), because after 3 days since I last turned it on, I get the error like "Battery discharged, lost rev. counter data." Should it be replaced when controller is power on.

    Should it fit the S4C+ controller?

    https://www.batterien-und-akku…h-passend-fuer-21-6-v-abb ?

    It looks like the sticker says robot type is 2400F/10, and the system you made says only 2400. Not sure what difference is but I would go back to check if the other type is available to create the system. Should indicate Foundry option.

    take a look on attachment, i used 2400/10 M2000 as a floor mount. And in my opinion, this is the most suitable option

    The degrees that you are listing I assume to be what you see when you line the markers up "perfectly".

    I agree, listing when the position is more or less perfect - I tried my best :smiling_face:

    It really does not matter if it is only a degree or two different. It only does matter if it is more than one half? or one full motor revolution or more. I had one that was about 3.5 degrees off the marker and when I did the rev counter update, it had the desired effect. Smaller values than that usually have no effect.

    Thanks for the tip! Tomorrow i will try prepare "calibration procedure" once again a will back with results.

    Is there also a sticker inside the cabinet with calibration offsets? If so, do they match? Double check that you did enter the numbers correctly.

    No, i don't see sticker inside cabinet, only on arm. The values on the sticker are the same as in the controller memory . I used original calib,cfg file during preparation of new system.

    Photo of sticker and data from controller to each axes: sticker & teach pendant

    Next, ensure that the robot type in the new system matches the robot,

    Do you know how to check that? I prepare system by own maybe i did something wrong.

    Photos of system preparation: System preparation

    Did you make a moveAbsJ with all zeros in the jointtarget and tell it to go there?

    I did calibration routine based on this video couple months ago

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    but after that robot is not into calibration marks. Tomorrow i will check it again.

    Here i put main page of teach pendant and gravity beta Teach pendant

    Today i updated rev. counters and i have some "progress"

    axis1: 0.0deg

    axis2: -0.3deg

    axis3: -0.6deg

    axis4: 0.0deg

    axis5: -1.0deg

    axis6: -1.8deg

    What should I do? Make some offsets during program preparation or call ABB service to prepare fine calibration for robot arm? Any ideas?



    I have a problem with updating the rev counter of all axes. I set the robot arm to the calibration position and then clicked Service>View>Calibration>Calib>Rev. Counter Update. Unfortunately after this operation all axes counters are not in zero position(biggest deviation on 1st axis ~3degree). Anyone know what steps to follow to have a well calibrated arm?

    PS:The robot has a new system, previously it was mounted on the ceiling, now it is mounted on the floor. Offsets from the label on the arm are entered into the system.

    Thanks and best regards,



    all is working:

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    what i did:

    -prepared and installed new system without external axis without waterjet options and floor type mounting, imported calibration data file.

    -limit switch circuit was opened, added jumpers on Panel Unit X1:X11-X12, X2:X11-X12 (as Skooter


    -Error20253 temperature too high on PTCEXT, (i added jumper on front of Harting Han (D1-D2) connector but after that i received a lot of system errors "wrong type of DClink and etc.",probably that was created by poor connection of jumper, removed jumper did shut down and system problem disappear. I changed place of jumper from Harting Han connector to XP33 plug and inserted a jumper between 4-5 PINs. PTCEXT changed signal from 1 to 0 and everything looks good.

    -in manual mode i had an error "Error 50204 Motion supervision tirggered for joint irb_2. i did Iowan suggestion ABB MOTION SUPERSIVION 50204 and it works. Do i need change gravity variable when i installed new system e.g. in MOC file?

    Skooter I owe you a case of beer for you help!

    Today is a progress day,

    I did a C-START and tried to download new system via Service Port(Ethernet connection) but i can't send system to robot PC because every time i see "A system with the same name as the selected system already exist on the controller. Rename the system or remove the duplicate on the controller"

    I tried also add character after system number but nothing changed.

    Topic with the same problem here: [SOLVED] Can't download to controller

    I spent 2h to establish connection on serial to delete image.bin but i don't see this file finally.

    (i don't know why but DB9 connector pinout is from PC controller side (PIN2 RX, PIN3 TX, PIN5 GND) but documentation said PIN2 TX, PIN3 RX, PIN5 GND). Maybe that was my misunderstanding but with oscilloscope that was easy to resolve.

    Also FTP connection is working (don't type your system account with "HOST")

    Another hint, Robinstall is working on WIN10 but WIN11 have problem with unzipping system files.

    To do:

    What I'm doing wrong with sending system to robot PC controller? Maybe i need to use diskette to download a system into robot PC controller? Any hints?

    I will try to test the actual configuration without the external axis and with the actual larger DC-LINK/rectifier module, if there are any problems I will buy the smaller DC-LINK/rectifier module or servo motor for dummy operation.

    Unfortunately i didn't find any floppy disc inside controller with RobInstall (only cigarettes) but sent a massage to ABB tech support and I'm waiting for response.

    One thing confused me with connection via service port to ftp server. All addresses set correctly (IP address, net mask, gateway ip) but i cannot connect to ftp server which is hosted on controller.

    In 99% of cases i received left statement, right statement is very little (check attachment)

    Tested on 2 different PCs, one with WIN10 second WIN11, FTP clients: FilleZilla(tested on old and new version) and WinSCP also check via browser but nothing was opened.

    Checked on two different crossed Ethernet cables too.

    As we see on log in attachment, robot controller is working on VxWorks rtos and service with FTP server is running. I don't know it's problem with my PC setup or problem with robot controller.

    I will try tomorrow this hint:

    I changed place of Manipulator SMB with EXT axis SMB but nothing changed also cable continuity between SMB and DSQC513 looks fine.

    Surprised something was wrong when i disconnected cable between (R2 SMB) EXT axis SMB with (X4 Measurement System 1) DSQC513 and started the system but nothing was changed. Error codes were the same.

    I decided to change connection on DSQC513 card from (X4 Measurement System 1) to (X5 Measurement System 2) and it was a bingo . I think.

    No internal errors are visible and see resolver values on teach pendant from manipulator SMB.

    Current error codes:…BX3XW4pnTkKPXQTnCYajfAszO

    My hypothesis is one of these

    -damaged X4 Measurement System 1 - connector or electronics (most likely)

    -some moron changed cable connection inside cabinet after disconnection from robots cell.

    What should i do now? Prepare new system? If yes how to prepare it what software i need?

    The topology is as follows: EXT AXIS SMB <cable> DSQC513 <cable> EXT AXIS CPU


    EXT AXIS CPU swapped with Manipulator AXIS CPU - nothing changed

    checked cable continuity between DSQC513 & AXIS CPU - looks good

    To do:

    check cable continuity between EXT SMB & DSQC513

    swap EXT AXIS SMB with Manipulator SMB. Can i swap it?

    Error 33506 is more common than 33417 but appear randomly :loudly_crying_face:

    I would most like to take apart all the components responsible about External Axis and configure like in "standalone mode" What do you think?

    I swapped the axis cards place with each other both 3HAC3619 (external axis <->manipulator axis) but i don't see any changes. I came back to factory seating configuration.

    Sometimes error code 33506 is received or sometimes 33417 i don't know why.

    "33506 Axis computer cmd error - Timeout when sending or receiving motion command to axis computer connected to connector board 2."

    -Restart the controller

    -Reinstall the sytem

    -Replace Axis computer board

    "33417 Transmission error - Error in measurement system 2 at connector board 2 when testing seriel link in normal mode."


    -Check seriel link

    -Check/Replace measurement board/s

    Check/Replace Axis Computer board

    I see connection with errors, when i click erase all logs then after reset i see 33417 error code.

    I did a test with disconnected cable between axis card (from external axis, PCI3 slot) and DSQC513 (from external axis, X2 AXIS COMPUTER slot) . Code 38001 disappear but when is plugged nothing change.…hXnmL-B_/view?usp=sharing

    If you still have the 55306 error, you could swap the 2 axis computer cards. and see if problem follows the card. Just reseating the cards in the PCI bus sometimes fixes S4C+ computer issues.

    Still wouldn't worry about the battery error until the system errors are corrected.

    Open circuit charging voltage (without battery) may be around 9V.

    Unfortunately i don't have 55306 code of error.

    Okey, don't worry about SMB error now, 9V was when battery was connected. First, as you mentioned, we have system errors to resolve. I will attach a file from backup floppy disk later today.


    Something is bad i think with SMB in manipulator maybe embedded battery charging system. I measured today voltage and was 9V on connector pins which connect battery with SMB. Additional i hear strange noise like a squeak from inside SMB i'm not sure what element makes a sounds (electrolytic capacitors or switching coil). I disconnected battery plug and after 2 hours the voltage dropped from 8.6V to 8.4V.

    SMB with disconnected battery generate the same strange noise and same error on teachpendant

    ""Error 38001 Battery Backup on SMB1 on measurement system1 at connector_board 1 lost since last power down or restart."

    What do you think about changing SMB from external axis to manipulator side? We can try it after bypassing external axis functionality?

    Photos of SMB in manipulator and NiCad pack:…5Oa9x5MxWJopJQ1txFiDOct4E

    Jumpers are done, only EN led is off. Safety button on the front panel and teachpeandant is working.…_wws0Po9BflyyVTMfwJa/view

    Quote from Skooter

    Where does the cable plugged into the DSDQC513 X2 Axis Computer connection go to?

    Can you take a picture of the top of the computer unit?

    Picture of the top of the computer unit…Bf5w65Mv/view?usp=sharing

    Sketch of connections:…OJ1nIjaTLm7OidJFIL8x8f4Rf

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